Spanish Next ? ( Part 11 )

Spanish Next ? ( Part 11 )

I am continuing this Spanish Next ? series which I had started  several days ago.

I recently posted the article Secret Goals of Communism Near Fruition

I turned this into a (3) part series and added my own comments.

 As I noted previously I am serendipitously being overwhelmed with information that supports my thesis/premise…so I have the blessing of having to cherry pick from a bountiful harvest.

 Perhaps as things progress many others are connecting the dots and the Big Picture is becoming more and more clear with much higher resolution.

It should become beyond obvious that these issues and agendas we see and have seen are not  separate anomalies, but in fact part of a greater agenda, that being a ” One World Gov’t “… or a Global Communistic system” .

This is not fiction nor conspiracy theory…this is FACT..ignore at your peril .

As I have stated several times…there are (2) ways to achieve this objective (i) via Military Force ( aka Russia Bolshevik Revolution….) and (ii) Via internal treason and weakening the culture,   family unit…etc……the crucial ties the bind, define and unite a Nation.

So having read the ” Secret Goals of Communism Near Fruition “ can you see what is going on ?

Do you see all the evidence around you ?

Can you deny that a Divide and Conquer strategy exists ?

Or, if a large Communist attack was mounted against Canada…what would YOU do….what would your neighbours do ? My guess is it would be ugly, many wouldn’t have a clue what to do it would be sheer panic and chaos.

Canada is a Nation.?..No its a colony of Britain that never changed…to think otherwise is a delusion. We have always been Rothschild bitches. The only national unity we have is based on beer , hockey and claiming we are not American.   Sorry another magic trick….still a Rothschilds bitch…… most of the world ultimately is.

So…lets explore how this was achieved right under OUR Frikkin noses

( To Be Continued )

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