Truth is a Hate Crime: Researcher Günter Deckert sentenced to German prison

Researcher Günter Deckert sentenced to German prison

By wmw_admin on December 4, 2012

By Michael Hoffman – Revisionist Review Dec 3, 2012

In the

In the World War II revisionist history movement in Germany, Günter Deckert is among the most hard-working and humble of its martyrs.

I say “martyr” because any resident of Germany who persists in actively and publicly doubting the existence of execution gas chambers in Auschwitz-Birkenau — the holy relic of the West’s most sacred religion (Holocaustianity) — will be fined and likely imprisoned.

Günter Deckert has been to prison before in Germany for this reason and he is about to be imprisoned again.

His “crime”? Translating from Italian into German historian Carlo Mattogno’s treatise, “Auschwitz: The First Gassing” (überarbeiten, deutsche Endbearbeitung/ -fassung).

The following was received from Mr. Deckert:

Friends, Comrades and Fighters for the Truth in World War II History,

The time has come! I must soon enter prison to serve my 5-month sentence although my constitutional appeal has not yet been decided.  I am to report to the prison on January 2nd, 2013. The release date will be June 2nd…

…“What does not kill me, does make me stronger!” With this in mind, my best comradely greetings and loyalty to our kin and people.I wish everyone a very good year of 2013 full of success and the best health possible.

Günter Deckert


With those words Mr. Deckert prepares to surrender five months of his life to the German state that is called “democratic” by the U.S. government, the U.N. and the European Union, and which scruples to lecture Muslim nations on the pressing need to allow more freedom to their citizens. Fortunately, Muslims are increasingly aware of this hypocrisy and, unfortunately, it has only stiffened their resolve to enforce the repression of freedom of speech and press in their own nations.

The Chinese Communists must also surely be aware of the German repression of revisionist thought criminals. “Example,” observed Samuel Johnson, “is always more efficacious than precept.” In other words, practice what you preach. But in addition to Germany, the governments of Canada, Australia and many European nations such as Austria, France and Switzerland, do not, and the world is made darker as a result.

Günter Deckert, a good and decent man, is again being tosssed into a dungeon with little or no protest or media publicity. The machinery of the German inquisition operates in near total silence and obscurity. Historians, researchers and scientists in Germany are imprisoned for blaspheming the Holy People’s relics and it is all done with hardly any notice taken. Consequently, we know that this inquistion will grind on, and because it is in the German nature not to complain, the real, excruciating cost to Mr. Deckert and his family, their suffering and privation, will not be advertised on a poster soul.

What is called western civilization is actually western syphilization, and sometimes this writer finds himself ardently desiring that the Muslim invaders would arrive all that much sooner to scourge the golem of Europe, Canada and Australia, as God has so often in the past used hostile aliens to punish His people for their betrayal and idolatry.

Make no mistake, the adoration of the gas chamber idol is no less an abomination in the eyes of the Most High; particulary in light of the fact that the organized denial of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ has never been more virulent — a denial which is perfectly legal in every nation of the dishonorable western world.



I referred to the term Z.O.G. in a recent post ie Zionist Occupied Government.

ZOG’s are usually Israel ass – kissers, that given Countries politicians claim their undying support etc etc.    Why? …..well its because the ZOGs are beholden in so many ways. One of these is the Private Central bank in their countries as well as infiltration in business, law , education, media etc. About the only non ZOG nations have targets on them ie Syria, Iran…while Libya and Iraq are now ZOG Gov’ts. Thus the agenda’s aim is all the world’s Gov’ts become ZOG’s. If you are a holdout to being a ZOG, you will either be assassinated or removed from your curent the purges going on in the US Military.

Micahel Hoffman is an excellent writer and worth a GOOGLE search

What is happening to Mr Deckert  is what we refer to as  being accused and convicted of a ” thought crime ” and is happening in German and  is happening elsewhere. Certain ” tribes” appear to fear any scrutiny whatsoever re: historical claims.

 There is not one thing that exists that should be immune to scrutiny and investigation , and especially History. As this Blog has shown, much of History is fictional propaganda….aka lies and bullshit.


The Tribe should have have no fear whatosever if it is THE truth. In fact, if parties doing good objective research can further verify the “Tribes” claims, then this benefits the “tribe”  right? .  However the tribe feels the truth breathing down its neck…so it engages in more truth stifling stunts..and order its ZOGs to create laws often referred by them as  ” Hate Crimes” based on accusation and subjectivity.

As an example , there could be a cultish group that believes in Santa Claus. If someone say “Person X “questions Santa’s existence …and/or has evidence or proof to the contrary, the group would feel that a “hate crime” has been perpetrated on them via their interpretation of what the Person X was “thinking”  or that the person may instill hate by other parties towards the group that believes in Santa .  So, Person X has a complaint filed against them by the ” Santa believing group ” and may be charged under this draconian censorship law.  Again….It matters not what Person X’s intent was…as often it is an objective intellectual debate . 

In Germany, it is so bad that even lawyers that try to defend their clients on these charges are being sent to jail ie they are being charged as well.   This Hate Crime is structured so the accused can NOT make a case to defend their views, the very fact they challenged the dogma brings the charges and the trial .  

Thus the intent is to intimidate people to STFU on certain issues, PERIOD.

Truth is not a Hate Crime, which is exactly why they create Hate Crimes… intimidate people who realize the Truth and have had enough of the  lies and propaganda. That way, the vested interest group can continue to promote its propaganda which is obviously crucial to their agendas.


This simplies that if the truth came out, their agenda would collapse like a house of cards. So they weasel their way to various Gov’ts and lobby for such Hate Crime legislation…and then we have the Gov’t attacking its own citizens and using taxpayer funds to do so.


Again …remember the term ZOG.

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