The International Jew Study Hour

   The International Jew Study Hour


TWN is pleased to announce the addition of The International Jew Study Hour to our program schedule.

Hosted by Carolyn Yeager and Hadding Scott, it will consist of reading and commentary of Henry Ford’s great classic about how Jewish power developed in America.

It will broadcast every Thursday evening at 8 pm Eastern time (5 pm Pacific), beginning on Thursday, June 28.  See the program page for all episodes.

Henry Ford , the auto manufacturer magnate, was a fascinating person. One of his ventures was to start a newspaper.
His paper had a series called ” The International Jew “.  You can ” GOOGLE ” it to access and read it .
Now, keep in mind we are referring to the turn of the century , early 1900’s .
Israel wasn’t ” created ” for approx. another 30 years.
Why would Henry Ford approve such a potentially  “controversial” series ?
People are creatures of their times.  Mr. Ford was in a unique position, a member of an elite circle of the worlds’ Power Brokers .  For people to take on such a project would imply a feeling of perhaps public obligation / duty ?
Henry Ford seemed to be “in tune” with reality, ie realizing such basics that if he did not pay his employees a decent wage, who would be able to afford his products.
The standard rebuttal  to such endeavours is ” anti- semitism “.
Simply a lure to bait a  very shallow debate. Create a primal response to shut down any further inquiry.
No, to those with any modicum of critical thinking skills,  it actually is inspiration  to go down the “Rabbit Hole”.
One simply immerses oneself in the particular issue…perform the Due Diligence….and then make ones own conclusions. TRUTH is not a Hate Crime.
If it walks like a duck …..talks like a duck,….. looks like  a duck … IS A DUCK. I highly doubt the duck would deny this.
However, the Duck is NOT a scorpion.
If it walks like a Scorpion on a frogs back …. talks like a  like a Scorpion on a frogs back…………  looks like a Scorpion on a frogs back ……it IS a Scorpion.
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