School Children Taught About Gay Foreplay, Saran Wrap

School Children Taught About Gay Foreplay, Saran Wrap

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School Children Taught About Gay Foreplay, Saran Wrap Nov 8, 2012

By Todd Starnes

A school district in Maine is apologizing after middle school students learned about homosexual foreplay during what was supposed to be a “Diversity Day” presentation.


“I don’t want my child taught heterosexual foreplay, let alone homosexual foreplay,” outraged parent Kristy Howard told Fox News.

The principal of Gorham Middle School sent a letter to parents apologizing for the graphic nature of the presentation by PRYSM, Proud Rainbow Youth of Southern Maine.

“They went beyond the scope of our intentions and discussed topics that we do not deem appropriate for our middle school,” Robert Riley wrote in a letter obtained by The American Journal. “We do not intend to expose them to ideas that are not within the scope of our teaching about responsible citizenship as it is embedded in our code of conduct.”

The incident occurred two weeks before the state voted to approve gay marriage – and involved a classroom of 25 eighth graders.

Howard’s 13-year-old son was one of those who came home shocked by the presentation’s graphic nature.

“They were talking about sex and if you didn’t have a condom – saran wrap could be used in place of a dental dam,” Howard told Fox News. “It was all new to me.”

Howard said the PRYSM presenters also cursed and questioned whether the children had been taught about safe homosexual sex.

James Hagen, chairman of the school committee, told The American Journal that teachers felt uncomfortable about the presentation and reported it to the principal.

“Teachers were in such shock,” he told the newspaper. “Everyone just froze.”

Principal Riley defended the way the teacher’s handled the situation – noting that the conversation about gay foreplay happened near the end of the presentation.

“I think if it had gone longer, they would have intervened,” he told Fox News.

He said the school is taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“This particular day didn’t have anything to do with sex. It had everything to do with tolerance and kindness and trying to eradicate from our building the idea that it’s okay to be mean to each other,” he said.

Howard said the fact that teachers did not intervene was incredibly disturbing.

“It was a gay diversity class that was supposed to teach tolerance,” she said “When it got further than that somebody in the room should have stopped it.”

Bob Emrich, of Protect Marriage Maine, said he wasn’t surprised by the content of the so-called “diversity” class.

“Homosexual activists rarely advertise that they are going to indoctrinate children to their point of view,” he said in a statement. “It’s done under the radar, through mandatory ‘diversity, anti-bullying and tolerance’ lessons.”

“If there was any doubt that gay marriage would be taught to young children in Maine schools just as it is in Massachusetts and Canada, that doubt should be removed now,” he said. “If they are willing to teach our kids how homosexuals engage in foreplay, do you really think they won’t force gay marriage instruction of young children when it is the law of the land?”

Now, parents across the town have been forced to have some unusual conversations with their children.

“It did create conversation in our home that technically we wouldn’t have had,” Howard said. “My child knows his identity.”

She’s also informed her son that contrary to what PRYSM said, saran wrap should only be used to protect food.

“I’ve had to let him know that no matter what situation he gets in – my suggestion is not saran wrap,” she said. “My suggestion is to abstain altogether.”

Abstinence was not mentioned in the class.

She plans on airing her concerns at tonight’s school committee meeting.

“We’ve gotten away from reading, writing and math,” she said. “We’re graduating children that can’t read.”

But at least in Gorham, they know what to do with saran wrap



Caught mention of the article and the topic unfortunately didn’t surprise me….not much does anymore.

So, what is REALLY going on  ?

IMHO, its in – your – face ” shock therapy “.

Looking back, we used to have Sex Ed courses…which took an embarrassing topic , which we also snickered at, and described the ” facts of life ” in a basic context of how  Male and Female “plumbing” works. The Homosexual issue back then was usually discussed outside the classroom.

I think children and young teenagers have enough on their minds without being ambushed by what is effectively recruitment to a lifestyle and perhaps backfiring, that the lifestyle is simply focussed on sex techniques.

This is another example of Cultural  Marxism, where the aim is to infiltrate society with the lowest common denominators….literal down to primal instincts.

 Values and institutions that bind and define a society are attacked and undermined. These groups have their legal right to act on their “preferences” behind closed doors. However rather than the aforementioned, they wish to indoctrinate a “new normalcy”. To introduce a new normalcy you have to attack the old normalcy..there is usually no room for both. Then this evolves into powerful lobby groups who focus on shallow single agendas and it become very politically volatile.

So if one has any concerns and expresses them then they are usually accussed  of being    ____Phobic. The mob mentality takes over. People get exasperated and intimidated. Politicians as usual, take the easy “ass kissing” route and cater to these special interest groups.  This increases their bravado to seek the next stunt to see how far they can push what was left of the “old” normalcy.

I try to take a ” live -and- let- live ” approach, but I do not like to have other agendas hidden in the package. No, if this Gay issue was trying to parallel traditional Marriage  , and simply substitute in people of same gender as opposed to opposite genders…that is one thing. However, the stats I read are that actually very few gay people enter into marriage, and other graphic issues of the lifestyle that don’t parallel traditional marriage.

Or would fair play be having say 50 year old men going to All Girls schools and giving talks about their sexual experiences and answering any questions ?

Hence, these groups that wish to educate young students are simply trying to recruit them ,  brainwash them, or at minimum confuse them , and turn them into good robotic (and often androgenous ) Communists…again this is classic Cultural Marxism.

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