Results of My ” Global Warming ” Experiment :

Results of My ” Global Warming ” Experiment :

Listening to an internet radio interview, the hosts made a side comment and a side discussion about Al Gore and ” Global Warming “.

Given Al Gore has his fingers in many ” green ” pies to “profit ” from his fear – mongering Bullshit.  Of course Fear Mongers use a lot of cheap stunts and props and rely on peoples ignorance.

Al Gore has used a photo of  a polar bear stranded on a small piece of ice to scare people that the sky is falling ie that our climate is warming up and melting polar ice. This also creates the impression that if ice melts this will raise ocean levels and flood low lying areas.

(NOTE : we are only talking about floating ice, already in the oceans, not landlocked ice such as glaciers. In addition..while there may be a reduction of ice at the North Poles, apparently it is increasing at the South Poles.)

The hosts then said that is all Bullshit….that water in the form of ice has already created the displacement .  In other words, whether the ice is in liquid form or in solid “ice” form makes no difference.

Yes this is true….but I hadn’t done an experiment for a while….so I thought I would try a simple one.

I took a measuring cup… 2/3 CUP size,…. filled it with water and let it freeze.  I then took a measuring cup and filled it to the 1  1/3 CUP level .

Then I took the 2/3 CUP full of ICE, and  placed the ICE formed in it into the larger measuring cup. I marked the displacement at the start…and when the ice  was completely melted.

Result ? As expected…NO CHANGE in height of the water.  Floating Ice that melts  makes no difference to the  sea level .

Conclusion:  Fear Mongering by the profiteering frauds. Always be suspicious , keep an open mind…. use critical thinking ……even to the point of a simple experiment to prove it to yourself and others.

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