Re: My “Spanish Next ?” Series.

Re: My “Spanish Next ?”  Series.
FYI: It is still going to continue….its just that I am at a crossroads as to the “next” step.
Serendipitously….. I have a GOLD MINE of information…it is simply a matter of what to submit first.
Actually, I came across a very good article today that may serve as a ” term of reference” to which I can branch off into many tangents so that the Master Plan can be exposed…before we all wake up to a nightmare.
My methodology is never to overwhelm, but to build enough of a solid foundation so that we all move higher up the road to epiphany where many fear to tread ….given the BULLSH*T  they  have been purposely fed and requires a lot of UNlearning before they can move forward. 
Stay Tuned…
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