Christmas shopping in Surrey

Christmas shopping in Surrey

I found this rather amusing. I’m out and about doing some Christmas shopping this morning heading down 104th towards Guildford. Then I see this big ass line up on the sidewalk like it’s a Boxing Day sale. I squint and think, isn’t that the gun store? They’re all lining up for a Christmas sale at the gun store?

I take a closer look and sure enough, they were all lined up waiting for the gun store to open. Now that is Christmas shopping in Surrey. Nothing like a new firearm or box of ammunition under the Christmas tree. When the line dies down I’ll have to check out what the sale is all about but I doubt they’re gonna have any merchandise left by the time I get there.

Turns out they had a one day sale advertized on their web site. 20% off cases of ammo and some blow out specials on some rifles. All the cases of 9 mm ammo was gone by 10:30 AM. Turns out there were guys lining up at 10:30 PM the night before. Surrrr ee.

While a bit amusing, I though this was quite intriguing.

Gun stores tend to below key…..but that is quite a line -up.

Regulations are quite red tap driven…..but the whole long gun registry has been a typical knee-jerk failure.

As was predicted, more guns death by criminals soldiers  and the police that law abiding citizens. Another sign of a Police State, and perhaps the customers are anticipating the same. These people that line up an purchase the guns and/or ammunition must have clean(No Criminal Convictions) records….so this puts it into perspective.

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