Posted On: November 28th, 2012



Representative-elect Alan Grayson (D-FL) said Monday that he will put mega-retailer Walmart squarely in his sights during the next Congress for the companys liberal use of public assistance programs to supplement their workers wages.

Speaking to Current TV host Cenk Uygur on Mondays episode of The Young Turks, Grayson called Walmart the largest recipient of public aid in the country, saying their low wages force workers to take food stamps, housing assistance and Medicaid just to get by.

The taxpayer pays for the earned income credit, he said. The taxpayer pays for Medicaid. The taxpayer pays for unemployment insurance when they cut hours down. And the taxpayer pays for other forms of public assistance like food stamps. I think the taxpayer is getting fed up of paying these things when, in fact, Walmart could give every employee its got, even the CEO, a 30 percent raise and still be profitable.

He added that while the health care mandate in the Affordable Care Act will help, thats just the start.

In state after state after state, Walmart employees represent the largest group of Medicaid recipients, the largest group of food stamp recipients, and taxpayers should not have to bear that burden, Grayson said. It should be Walmart. So, we’re going to take that burden and put it where it belongs: on Walmart.

Grayson, an outspoken progressive, was ousted from his congressional seat in 2010s tea party wave. He regained a seat this November following redistricting in the state that put him in a more heavily Democratic district.

I had commented on this issue previously. Interesting strategy by Wal Mart…as it makes “sense”, though likely most people would never expect a company to go that ” route “.
However, this may be a perfect example of where we are headed….the Mega Corporation- Communistic State.
 Wal Mart has been seen as killing off smaller retail competition, and outsourcing its wholesale production offshore to Communist China ( thus killing off manufacturing in North America).
Again…this business practice is killing off the Middle Class.
Now, Wal Mart pays low wages…and to a level that it manipulates and creates a “poverty benchmark” for its own employees .
Now, the Wal Mart employees, per se, can access benefits on par with what a Private Sector employer would fund and provide…… BUT the difference is the Taxpayer is paying these benefits FOR Wal Mart .
The “Taxpayer” is usually a   Non Wal Mart employee…part of the declining middle class… who is not eligible for food stamps, housing assistance , Medicaid…etc.
So, is it fair to conclude Wal Marts growth is more an indicator of the decline of rest of society ,specifically the Middle Class , via a giant $ucking sound ?
In the end, you will have the Communistic sales pitch of “equality”, but at the l-o-w-e-s-t common denominator.
So again, Communism/Big Brother does not necessarily imply Military invasion…it can be achieved by other means…sort of like the “rot from within”….decay of the status – quo.
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