SMART METER: Reminder of DEC. 31 2012 Deadline

SMART METER: Reminder of DEC. 31 ,2012 Deadline

Just a reminder re: the Smart Meter issue.

Today is Dec 1, 2012.  

As you are hopefully aware, BC Hydro, through its Corix subcontractor, is mandated via Provincial legislation to have the Smart Meter installation program completed at the end of THIS Month Dec. 31 2012, ie in 30 days.

Many parties, such as myself, have notified BC Hydro that WE do NOT grant permission to install Smart Meters on our properties aka ” NO TRESPASSING”. We were aware that , using reverse legalities, that BC Hydro assumed permission to install Smart Meter UNLESS otherwise notified by the customer.

The question is, what is going to happen in the next 30 days ?

Is BC Hydro going to engage in “SWAT team tactics” and ambush the Smart Meter hold outs ? Or has some sort of policy amendment been created that Corix will stand down and not go any further ?

WE have to keep in mind that we are entering the Holiday Season, and that people will be in no mood to be ambushed by Corix and then  flood the media with stories of Corix workers trespassing on their properties.

In other words, this could get very VERY volatile.

However, that is not OUR problem. Our BC Liberal MLAs voted unanimously for the Smart Meter program…and the Dec 31 deadline, which IMHO was a poorly chosen date. It reeks of a combination of arrogance and detachment from reality . They should have anticipated a Smart Meter backlash, and not imposed a deadline based on a calendar year…but some other date at least.

Thus…Forewarned is forearmed, and remain vigilant.

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