Charles Giuliani: Guest “Brian” in Canada talks about the Moon Hoax, Mars, Cancer etc.

Charles Giuliani: Guest “Brian” in Canada talks about the Moon Hoax, Mars, Cancer etc.

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2012.11.30

Guest Brian in Canada talks about the moon hoax, Mars, Cancer etc.
Then Charlie takes calls.

Show Notes

This was an excellent ” RABBIT HOLE 101 ” course on many topics. Listening to this should create enough intellectual curiousity for you to do your own research on them.
Another excellent interview this time with Blogger ” Brian ” from Canada .
Always interesting to here an American interview a Canadian…and the Canadian explaining the situation here  in Canada re: censorship and the Faux Chosen etc. etc.
I don’t necessarily endorse their views on religion, but that doesn’t necessarily taint what their overall perspectives are on other issues. That’s Free Speech..”the Good the Bad and the Ugly”.
They validate my own suspicion on the Mars mission…if the MOON Mission is debunked…why would we believe in the Mars mission???…..IF you see the case they layout. Sometimes the very simplest of details expose the Lies and Bullshit aka ” Critical Thinking OUTSIDE the box “
Cancer ?….well there discussion its sure consistent with what I am reading on the topic. Cancer is not rocket science if one understands the basics. I am more convinced that Cancer is a huge corrupt  business, and that  there is no sincere mainstream efforts to “find a cure”.   Again, “Critical Thinking” ….like WHY do they treat Cancer with treatments that may create or increase cancer ie isn’t radiation a cause of cancer,…. chemotherapy poisons the body, surgery may cause the cancer to spread (ie CUT POISON BURN  …..see the documentary ).
As well,  all through the interview the discussion of the ” Faux Chosen”…and blogger Jim Stones “Canadian “experience with them.
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