Wanna see what a Police State looks like ? U.S Example

Wanna see what a Police State looks like ?U.S Example

I was listening to an archived interent radio show, and the guest was a person who Today Friday Nov. 30 is to start serving a (6) month sentence based on what happened in this video

Trifecta Resista – Whiteman Air Force Base 4/15/12

They were protesting the US Military’s use of Drones..those small UNmanned aircraft that are weaponized.
A person in the U.S. can guide these devices 7000 miles away and take out people in say Afghanistan by remote control by simply viewing a video feed.
The US claims there are surgical strikes  “no innocent victims”… which is BS. Much like what happened in previous wars, they would attack…rescuers would come, and then they too would be atacked. 
They discussed a person who was targetted and killed , a funeral was held…5000 people attended, and the drones struck the procession, killing over 80 people. Apparently these drone can hover over an area 24 / 7 and the population below lives in sheer terror as to if and when the drones may   strike.
The protest ,as one can see, was peaceful, no weapons nor threrat of any violence. Yet, the army base sent out young soldiers in riot gear with their pounding clubs to engage in sheer intimidation.
In the interview, Brian Terrell…discussed his case…and how the Justice System is evolving as puppetts to the Gov’t, that constitutional rights of free speech and assembly in essence mean nothing. They suggest that the fix is in….their is no due process under law…they will target people as guilty , then behind the scenes draft justification to convict.
Be Warned….
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