Spanish Next ? ( Part 10 )

Spanish Next ? ( Part 10 )

OK…how can anyone attack something so strong……if the agenda is to conquer it ?

If you identify your target , you seek the Achilles Heel….and also introduce the various Trojan Horses.

Or, if you analogize a sophisticated molecule, you aim to reduce it to its most basic elements. It is like table salt…NaCl.  Salt as a chemical compound is rather benign,but its individual components Sodium and Chlorine are rather dangerous.

If we look at human beings in general , there are features common to all. Key to this is the core family unit. This key transcends all cultures. For any of us to even exist, we need parents. Then we hopefully “grow up” and mature and the torch passes to us to carry forth the generational legacy.

Hopefully ……between birth and  adulthood,….. our home lives while never “perfect”( whose ever is?)…., is stable, and our parent/s have steered us in the right direction to make us moral ,ethical , constructive contributing citizens who have back – bone, strong character and know ” right -from -wrong .”

Now, that’s just referring to the family.If we want a strong culture and civilized society. it becomes the multiplier effect..where if people are brought up in good families…we should have a very strong Society..City..Province..Country. Hence the family unit is the building block.

Look at the animal kingdom….try messing with any family unit of any creature .

Much of that healthy family unit is based on religious beliefs.  Not exclusively, but was the main spiritual philosophy that guided a large demographic in  much of North America .  NOTE: I am not trying  to preach here, per se. just simply laying out the groundwork for this evolving discussion.

The post war family unit was basically Dad as the breadwinner, the Mother  often at home(not always)  raising the children.  The children had role models . We are not talking about producing robots stamped out with cookie cutters, we are talking about a good strong foundation for the individual and society. Yes,  we will have anomalies….like people raised in excellent families that turned out badly…and conversely people from bad situation that turn out very well, and “everything in between”.

So..if one has a  society that is rather homogenous, on the same page…much of which can be traced to common roots,  culture and beliefs…that leaves (2) questions :

—-(i) should this not be a strong united society , non dysfunctional , one without social ills etc….and

—-( ii ) how would you destroy this ….and why ?

( To be Continued )

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