Court Yesterday:

Court Yesterday:

I was in Court yesterday as an Observer…a friend of mine was being harrased and charged by City Bylaw officials and putting the boots to him…

I will expand on this later…what transpired yesterday in court was both unique and quite  fascinating .

The case was scheduled for 1:30. What  happens is there is usually a (i) Morning sitting and (ii) an Afternoon sitting of the courts, and there may be several cases scheduled for either sitting.


The case in front of ours was a young man , 25 years old., charged with marijuana possession.  To make  along story short..he was with 3 others in his car at a pool hall on Alderbridge Rd and RCMP Bicycle Patrol approached.

They searched and found some marijuana. Apparently, this was his one and only offence. I don’t smoke anything PERIOD, but I had thought that pot smoking was basically ignored by the officials.

However , the Federal laws have changed to the point that possession of pot is  no longer a laughing matter…this naive 25 year old was facing a minimum sentence of  6 months in jail on a first offence and all the consequences that go with it.

It wasn’t me up there being charged,but man, did I feel really bad for the person as his parents were also in court..

I will discuss this more later, but inform others that the law is coming down hard on this.

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