Thoughts about the NHL Strike/Lockout :

Thoughts about the NHL Strike :

Personally…..I don’t give a shit. Millionaires fighting billionaires.

While I do enjoy hockey, and catch the occasional game , I tend to watch it more during playoff time.

One wonders why both sides are willing to lose millions in revenue. I listen to the sports radio while driving and get various opinions and updates. I particularly like Ray Ferraro, very bright , insightful and articulate. One particularly interesting stat was that after the last NHL Lockout almost 300 players never played again.

One anecdote re: the “collateral damage” was discussion of  a player that had spent years in the minors and had finally gotten a one – year NHL contract for this season. The unfortunate thing is many parties will have short careers and made shorter by this strike/lockout.

When the Canucks first entered the NHL, in the early 1970’s, I recall the average ticket price was approx $ 6.  The average person could afford to attend.  Now….the prices are literally out of reach for the average person.

When I watch games now, it amazes me seeing teenagers and young adults  are in primes seats. They either have rich parents…or get corporate freebies….or worse…work weeks  to be able to afford one game. Personally in comparing live games versus viewing on TV, TV wins hands down.

I find that if I attend a live game… I miss too much action if I get distracted, and the replays on the screen are poor.  The game ” LIVE ” looks so slow…..TV tends to capture all the action from many angles and at a  much better pace.

Back to the Strike: given the economy….and the fact that the high ticket prices are generally propped up via corporations who buy seasons tickets and can use this as a tax deduction/tax write- off. However, this is still discretionary spending and may be one of the first expenses cut.

So, my premise is that the NHL owners are starting to feel this pinch and see it getting worse. Hence, they won’t openly state that , but are strategically planning for it for the future . Also discussed on the radio was that the days of the long term guaranteed contract may be over, and that NFL -style contracts may become the reference. ie the contract is not guaranteed if the player is cut.   In addition, those fans with seasons tickets may find that this annual purchase is no longer affordable.  On and on goes the spiral, which may cross over to other sports ie MLB baseball..NBA basketball. etc etc.

Maybe some good will come out of it…that we will get some fiscal sanity and bring the game back to the average fans.

Otherwise….the sun will still come up in the morning….and back to the good old  TV.

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