My ICBC story:

My ICBC story:

I  indicated last week that I had been somewhat destracted trying to get our car in for some glass replacement. About 2 weeks ago, someone had smashed a rear door window on our (4 ) door car. The door window is comprised of a main piece that can open and a small fixed piece. There is a small vertical metal bar between the two.

What they had done was lever a pry bar against this metal bar…and ultimately twisted it. This required going to to body shop, not a glass shop  as I had originally tried .

The autobody shop had tried to get a new part, but that was going to take a week to deliver. He tracked down a used part and we dropped off our car last week and our coverage allowed for a courtesy car.  We received a call Friday stating that the wrong part had arrived and that we should keep the courtesy car ….at least through the weekend.

Finally , we received a call Tuesday afternoon that the vehicle was ready.  So we arrive at the autobody shop and we knew that we had to pay a $300 deductible. So, I am looking over the bill and saw it was over  $1500.      WTF ?

Now to be honest…I had tracked down an auto glass  shop that quoted me $200 TOTAL to replace the glass, but we found  it was more complicated with a “minor ” bent piece of metal.

So , I inquired as to the total, aka why was the repair bill  so high ?, even though we only had to pay a $300 deductible.

The owner told us that the “smashed glass” had also scratched the paint along the drivers side, so they did a major paint job on this side. Now , we had not been asked let alone informed of this. It was simply just done.

I should also mention that in situations such as ours, one does not need to go to an ICBC center….the ICBC approved autobody shop can draft an estimate and send photos to ICBC for ICBC approval.

Now our car is a very dark blue color, it is not easy to see scratches. Our car is a very basic 2007 (5) years old.  I don’t recall noticing any many scratches.

So, here I am thinking….was this necessary ? Or….why wasn’t I consulted. IMHO,if I was presented the total repair estimate, I may have negotiated and said that if ICBC pays my deductible of $300, I will not be worried about some scratched paint. After all is said and done…both ICBC and us would been have much further head.a WIN WIN for both sides.

My guesstimate is ICBC could have saved $500 if we had discussed this prior to any repair.

I wonder how much of this “padded repair bill”  WITHOUT owners authorization goes on ? My guess is quite a bit, as our claim’s case slid like shit through a goose.   In the end…the ICBC clients end up paying with higher premiums.

I blame ICBC for this, as the autobody shop can only pursue what it is allowed to.

If I find the time, I may pursue this further.

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