Spanish Next ? ( Part 8 )

Spanish Next ? ( Part 8 )

Banksters Economics 101: Peace is B-A-D for business…in fact, it may get entrenched due to popular demand.

You have to figure that between 1913….and 1945…..the previously  isolationist U.S. had been dragged into (2) World Wars by its treacherous politicians (who are likely rotting in Hell as we speak), with the Great Depression in between.

Enough already …..40 wasted years………lets move forward and achieve the same prosperity we had prior to 1913.

The Banksters are thinking…hmmm…we have made mega profits from the (2) World Wars (actually… ALL wars) and the Great Depression…. the Banksters biggest fear is that the U.S. becomes “Europe II”  .

In other words, a large prosperous Caucasian(ie quasi -European )  Christianity -rooted country. If left untouched…the U.S. would develop into what Europe was before the Banksters created internal revolutions and pitted brothers against brothers which “culled the herd” by millions.

In fact, the U.S had the potential to e-x-c-e-e-d Europe, as it was actually an amalgam of people from all over Europe, who left their established homelands because of artificially induced turmoil and strife. You would , in theory, have a country whereby people would put the past and differences behind them, and start over …..aka dare I say actually LEARN from history.

Even better, they may actually sit down , go over their notes……..and figure out what the hell went wrong….what was actually THE common enemy…..aka ” The Scorpion ” .

The problem is, the Banksters make this both a chess game and a magic act…are always thinking ahead to what the frogs may think, and set both traps and deception as they work towards their master plan.

Thus the Bankster/Scorpions  have to draft a plan for the U.S. which they tried once in Europe, but had a major MAJOR backlash, the type that the Bankster/Scorpions did not want a repeat of.

( To be Continued )

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