Spanish Next ? ( Part 6 )

Spanish Next ? ( Part 6 )

Other Nations ? Recall  Imperialism in history , but again, who were the Puppett Masters behind this ?

Again,Geo-Politically ” hat on “…..go  back to the World Globe I keep handy.

Keep in mind, much of Europe could easily fit into approx 1/2 the US or 1/3 of Canada. France and Spain combined could fit into most Provinces. Countries to the East, like Russia also predominanlty Christian were too large to fight head on. Yet as stated in the previous post, Christianity was the common thread that transcended these European and Russian borders and their individual cultures.  Much like Islam etc. united various Middle East Countries.

In the early part of the 20th Century we know what happened . Christian Russia was” taken out”…with an internal revolt, the Bolsheviks revolution. WW1 and WW2 also left much of Christian Europe devastated.

Back to the US :Prior to WW2..the US (Christian Nation) allied with an Ex Christian Nation (Russia ), now a Communist aka offically a “pagan” nation.

Back to the US Post WW2 : The US and Russia were now the worlds’ super powers involved in a bogus Cold War .

So, the premise is this….given all the aforementioned , are we seeing a pattern ?  Is any country that has a culture and belief system that either unites the country and even more-so, can transcend borders, is such a  far more potent than any army?

I submit YES… IS..

The forces that took down the aforementioned nations had manipulated the US, but pulled the strings “in the shadows”.  Their agenda is not to fight evil, or make the world a better place,  but to take down what they consider is their opposition.  There are many means to accomplish this,  but the end result is ALWAYS the same.

In addition….always remember ” Divide and Conquer” is more effective than any physical war. People will fight physical battles to the death,they have no choice. However if they are weakened spiritually, emotionally, psychologically etc….over time….. by the time they realize it, and figure it out, its often too late.

( To Be Continued )

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