Spanish Next ? ( Part 5 )

By the 1960’s, after (2) World Wars…the world was a much different place.Within 200 years…they had the French Revolution…US Civil War…..Boer Wars…WW 1 and WW 2…..defeat of Germany…..and many others.  One of the collateral issues was that Britain had lost much of its empire…and it’s status as a world power many attribute this to Churchill and his warmongering.   I would concur.

The United States emerged from the ashes of WW1 and WW2 as a global superpower. The U.S. enjoyed a lot of post -war prosperity through the 1950’s . So, lets say approx . 20 years ?   ( However A-L-W-A-Y-S keep in mind the Banksters…this is the point of reference..always refer back to this and you will see the light. ie is there Bait to be laid…and a trap set ? ) Russia was effectively set up by the same parties to be the US’s global ” Wrestling Partner “….or the “bad guy” in a Cheap B movie. Anyone can see this after a bit of research and reflection.

Now we have the US, not yet 200 years old…….historically and predominantly populated by Caucasians of European descent, with Christianity as the main religion. Are we seeing a pattern here……some common variables ?

Yes……I would call it “Chew up – Spit out “….and /or ” Take -Out ” any perceived threat to the power base and their agenda.

Christianity was approx. 2000 years old and was  becoming fairly well- rooted in Europe. European Cultures and nations became rooted in this. Also keep in mind the “Khazars” evolution. This was like ” oil and water ” insofar as Euro- compatability .

IMHO, there is no coincidence….ZERO…..NONE…. between (i) these various Revolutions and (ii) Christianity. It is a dovetail fit.  Even an atheist would see the correlation via a very basic analysis and ultimate clash.  It is simply not ” politically correct ” to discuss.  Regardless…..History shows a direct correlation. This is the common thread, these are not random disconnected events…which is exactly what they wish people to think.

Other Nations ? Recall  Imperialism in history , but again, who were the Puppett Masters behind this ?

( To Be Continued )

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