Sydney School Bully Victim Fights Back

Sydney School Bully Victim Fights Back



I had heard about this incident and did a YOUTUBE search.

The internet show I was listening to was discussing this Bullying Issue. I may link to this show, but suffice it to say its “Old School Males” talking, which I can relate to,  though younger than me.  They were talking about how society is going flush…and this bullying issue is a prime example.

I can’t speak for the Female gender, but I sure as hell can for the males. It appears the “powers that be” aim is to make androgenous – ness the norm….whereby males are no longer “old school” males….that they must be protected and coddled from the real world. 

They also discussed how in Sweden how bad it was getting…ie the schools no longer want to refer to children as he and she, but  use a gender neutral term.  

I recall years ago one person discussing school playgrounds….and that we must let our children develop motor skills and the risk that goes with that, ……yes they will fall down and get cuts and bruises ….but will learn what their limits are and aren’t, but it is part of the growth process.

In the video above, this is a normal right of passage. Often the bullying is simply verbal, non physical.  In the video it went far beyond that…and the bully got a very quick lesson about pushing peoples buttons. The victim has every F*cking right to protect himself , yet he was punished ? (Actions have careful re those you choose to engage).   What message is being sent in that case ?  

Or again is this another result of social engineering, whereby the aim is to turn males into weak little  sissies and can act as “clients” throughout their life  for all sorts of mental health experts, when one good retaliation would send a much quicker and cheaper message ?

At over 50 years old, I still reflect back on how I handled bullying…and I wouldn’t change a damn thing. I am VERY proud of what I did…it taught a valuable life lesson and was very empowering and instilled a lot of confidence.

Sometimes life needs quick and expeditious decision based on the given circumstances, not navel gazing.


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