Spanish Next ? ( Part 4 )

Spanish Next ? ( Part 4 )

” Back to the immigration initiatives. Amongst those that study the issue, the immigration since the 1960’s has no real altruistic benevolence to it, it’s basically a realization of the aforementioned. There is an agenda at play. “

Harken back to some of the various societal upheavals..oh say “French Revolution” ?

I had discussed that previously . It had the Historical reputation of creating democracy, “Equality, Liberty  and Brotherhood” that the status – quo needed a major change. Keep in mind that  at the time Britain , France and Spain were the major global powers….Germany had still not united its various mini- states under one national umbrella.

Britain, France and Spain were in competition for world domination via Imperialism. How do you take out a competitor ?

You can go to war and invade from the outside….or you create revolution from within. You pit citizen against citizen with some rallying cry. This can be done by sending in agent-provocateurs.

EXAMPLE: Recall the Vancouver Stanley Cup riots….it is acknowledged that certain anarchistic parties came fully prepared  to ignite a riot . They came with the necessities to start vehicle fires etc., and got people  worked up in a  frenzy.  I recalled the 1994 riots, and though no way this would be repeated, till I turned on the TV and watched it unfold. Many normally decent law abiding people got caught up in the moment..,and now have a criminal record. Lesson: Never UNDERestimate the possibility of the temporary insanity of mob mentality.

Such was the French Revolution, but on a far bloodier scale. Who benefitted…or isn’t it obvious….certainly NOT the average French Citizen in the French “Nation”.

Same with Bolshevik Revolution…a small radical group from New York was sent to Russia and ultimately lead to the overthrow of that status – quo and the slaughter of millions .

Who benefitted…isn’t that obvious as well ?

Again, to repeat what we had was an Internal Revolution being created , as opposed to outside enemy attack. Actually, much more easier and cost effective way to conquer a nation.

Now…lets fast forward to Post WW 2…..say…..the 1960’s and Immigration.

( To Be Continued )

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