Spanish Next ? ( Part 3 )

Spanish Next ? ( Part 3 )

If one runs the gamut of history, perhaps one starts to see the common thread.

If one allows immigration, what is one UNquestionably doing ? You are removing people from one Nation….and bringing them into another, often New World ie North America.

The nation of origin is often a sovereign nation, with an entrenched culture, 100’s of years old. I don’t want to say “country” per se……more of a modern term… point is again established ethnicity and culture.

As I stated previously , it is a common practice for immigrants of common roots to stick together. There is no law that states they cannot continue to do so. The idealistic model is that an assimilation will occur…a common “colour blind” bond grows within the new nation….the only differences are perhaps the differences in genetic make-up. In other words….eventually and ultimately, people leave their old country behind and become members of the new one.

OR, why bother coming to a new country… if you  do not wish to  “when in Rome do as the R-O-M-A-N-S do “.

That applies equally to everybody going from Nation A to Nation B.

Back to the immigration initiatives. Amongst those that study the issue, the immigration since the 1960’s has no real altruistic benevolence to it, it’s basically a realization of the aforementioned. There is an agenda at play.

Example: Review of the Irish Famine in the 1800’s.

“History”, the bullshit version,  says the Irish had a bad potato harvest, and many starved..aka bad luck..  No, the reality is that their food was confiscated by the British to purposely starve them. This also forced a lot of immigration to the U.S., whereby the Irish were exploited for cheap labour .

So that Immigration  agenda was to (i) diminish the Irish population and (ii) acquire cheap labour for the U.S. Also…do not think “slavery” was simply an  African issue….White slavery also existed then ( and exists now ), no one is really immune.

( To Be Continued )

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