Spanish Next ? ( Part 2 )

Spanish Next ? ( Part 2 )

As I had noted in previous posts…up until the 1970’s Richmond was predominantly Caucasian…..or ” White European backgrounds “.

I didn’t recall much immigration from anywhere while I was in elementary school in the 1960’s…the odd person here and there.

However in the early 1970s. we started noticing quite an immigration ramp- up of parties of South Asian descent. The system made extra allowances via family re-unificatiion……ie if one person was allowed to immigrate, they could also sponsor over their blood relations. Given their large and extended family structures, this could result in even more immigrants on the basis of first allowing one party in. In other words, one immigrant could end up sponsoring 10 + more.

Now, I don’t recall this occurring when I was younger…..and I am talking over a spectrum of different ethnicities. In fact, I recall it was very difficult to sponsor someone over from a foreign country.

What I noticed was that  the South Asian community literally grew overnite.  Their religious facilities,large homes for extended family,  being a very visible yet growing minority etc, one could not help but see a huge demographic shift.  Many businesses, especially  construction and trades related, that were once dominated by Caucasians now have a major South Asian demographic. I will drive by construction sites and see the workers in all trades  are exclusively South Asian.

Objectively speaking,….in the big picture….is that good or bad ?

NOTE: I don’t want to get into the First Nations “who was here first” issue…that’s a whole OTHER topic.

Personally speaking, I really don’t hang out with peers of my European background, sort of an ethnic cultural  colour – blindness.

What I did observe is this continued ethnic – cliqueness in the South Asian community 35-40 years later after the immigration from their home countries increased.

Thus the question….what purpose does  immigration actually serve ?   Is the ” New World ” simply trying to create balance, equity, fairness, harmony ?


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