Spanish Next ? ( Part 1 )

Spanish Next ? ( Part 1 )


In my 50 + years, I have seen a lot of change…and continue to. Much of what I have seen I would never have believed if told prior to its occurrence.

However, as I take those forks in the road and go down those rabbit holes, I see the ” method to the madness ” and the inevitable patterns that unfold.

I have voiced some thoughts about immigration in previous posts. How is it “sold” versus what is the ACTUAL agenda. While I am Caucasian, and I first generation Canadian, I am not speaking from an ethnocentric point of view.

Anecdote: The other day, I was talking to a Foreman of a roofing crew working on a  large re -roofing project. I took note of  the roofing crew, which was comprised of approx. (8 ) workers.  I would estimate the average age approx. 25 . Even moreso the entire crew seemed comprised of those of Mexican Latino background, moreso via their conversation in Spanish.

I find this intriguing for many reasons. As a first generation Canadian, English was not my first language. My family had escaped Europe after WW2, and settled in Vancouver / Richmond. They arrived penniless, and like many immigrants did, shared resources , even more than one family living in  a home. Their generation would hang out together,  go on family visits,church dinners, and even developed a few shopping areas that served the culture. This is a common thread in most immigrants’ history.

However, They never lived in ethnic enclaves….they were lived scattered amongst the community.  This generation is now getting old, later 70’s in age…and starting to pass on. Their children have married,  and assimilated into society, probably way back in Grade 1 ( ie early 1960’s ). Their children are now in their 50’s, and have raised a 2nd generation.

I recall reading about how Immigration took hold in the 1960s, it was actual policy to focus on Non European(ie Non Caucasian)  immigration. We kept hearing the word ” multiculturalism “. Now, at the surface, it seemed like an attempt to avoid being Euro-centric…..implying why would we not welcome a diverse do otherwise would be deemed “racist” and “discriminatory”, which I don’t think most people are,  and would agree.

As a student, I kept hearing from Trudeau that Canada is a “multicultural” country…and that the U.S. is a “melting pot”. Regardless, coincidentally, both countries adopted this expanded immigration policy , but was it for altruistic purposes ?

( To Be Continued )

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