My 2,000 th Post !!!!

My 2,000 th Post !!!!

This is my 2,000 th  post since I started this blog last year.

I had wanted to proceed sooner but finally things lined up that I was ready to go.

I find that most BLOGGERS are those public voices that never had to platform to submit their views, or had it take away from them(ie many ex – media have their own blogs).

As you are probably aware, MainStream Media has a chokehold on what is reported,propagandized  and censored. Bloggers, by and large….”Blog” because they are generally good involved pro-active citizen who try their best to look out for the general public’s best interest, which implies many OTHERS (ie Politicians ,Bureaucrats etc. )  are not doing their jobs. The vast majority of bloggers do it voluntarily…though some of the larger ones do ask for donations as they do have overhead given their blogs are more sophisticated.

There is a wealth of data available on – line…whereas in the past it would take years, decades etc and advanced degrees to access and interpret. Sometimes all it takes is a minor fork in the road to send you in the right direction. (aka the proverbial rabbit hole)

No, I don’t have any overt animosity to “certain groups”, I simply see that their beliefs are in serious contrast and contradiction to mine, me and my families well being ,and those of the other 99.9% who live on planet Earth . Like any such bullies and murderers…you expose them and send them they wish to deal with it is not my problem, just don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

While I may sound or appear to be pessimistic, I am actually quite optimistic….as the future truly lays in OUR hands.  I wish to expose the frauds and the charlatans so people see what is going on and realizing where this will end up.  I think we are at a very critical and momentous point in history to take charge and set a new course for a positive future. Their house of cards is collapsing…everbody sneeze !

Via the indicators,I see that this post is read around the world.Hello to the Global Village, we are all in this together.

Hope you find the information useful and your feedback is always welcome whether posting a “comment” or e -mailing me via the “contact ” in the blog .

One feature I am really going to try and pursue is to do “Videos” . Example..the Garden City bend and how $200,000 was spent to make it more pedestrian and cyclist friendly. A good video like this would go a long way to arousing the public about these shameful wastes. Until these parties and their projects are exposed… they will continue on this path to public bankruptcy.

Wishing you and yours the very Best , a Merry Christmas and Season Greetings !

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