Posted On: November 20th, 2012

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Mainline Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox groups with some Jewish support, have begun to oppose Foreign Aid to Israel on account of its occupation and brutality.

A letter to Congress signed by 16 traditional church leaders and the results of the Presidential election reveal a deep and growing moral chasm between the two sides of Christianity. On one side are the Judeo-Christians (Christian Zionists, sometimes called “Evangelicals”); on the other side are traditional Protestants and Catholics. During major elections this schism becomes visible.

COMMENT: I say “HALLELUJAH” as well, and even atheists should be. This Judeo Christian issue is a huge topic, but this article does a very good job of dissecting it. The fact that various church leaders have come together and effectively and very publically called a “spade a spade” is both refreshing and invaluable to the future. This is not to say that this issue has not been discussed dealt with in the past , but it needs to grow and become more wiespread.

Even though they all claim to worship the same Lord, mainline Protestants and Judeo-Christians could be from different planets. Israel, for its own purpose, is smack in the middle of that conflict. That fact, and the motivations behind it, are rarely addressed by either side.

The 16 signers represent eight Protestant denominations, included leaders of the United Methodist Church, a Catholic order, and five Protestant and Catholic umbrella groups, including the National Council of Churches. The letter itself is dynamite, reflecting not hearsay about Palestine from the likes of Piers Morgan and TV America, but the experiences of the signers from their own worldwide mission activities.

COMMENT: As I have stated there is NO such things as Judeo – Christian in the sense the beliefs overlap, or the Christians roots are Judaic. The only co-mingled roots are Christianity was created by the execution of Christ by these same beleif parties.  The media is full of pro Zionist Shills and is also littered with the “pink slips” of those who dared challenge the Israeli policy.

The letter begins:
“We write to you as Christian leaders representing U.S. churches and religious organizations committed to seeking a just peace for Israelis and Palestinians. Our organizations have been deeply involved in this pursuit for decades, inspired by the call and promise of Jesus Christ who said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” it goes on…“We have also witnessed widespread Israeli human rights violations committed against Palestinians, including killing of civilians, home demolitions and forced displacement, and restrictions on Palestinian movement, among others.” The 16 signers render a factual and balanced indictment of Israel’s acts, undeniable to any who care to look. (2)

I am grateful to the 16 traditional and mainline signers of this letter to Congress. I agree with them, that Jesus Christ is and always was the Prince of Peace, calling all who follow him to be blessed, if they are peacemakers. Judeo-Christians only pretend to follow Jesus’s words. My prayer for years has been that traditional churchmen will challenge not just Israel, but also the Judeo-Christians who support the occupation!

This is not the first time traditional Christians have expressed their objection to Israel’s policies, but it is the strongest, and it may be the first unified effort to place the burden on Congress take action against Israel’s inhumane practices by way of their regular, varied financial aid disbursements–their military aid, in particular.

COMMENT:  Its pretty simply ..”Love thy Neighbour” etc…No where does it say  anyone  can claim ethnocentric superiority, ….Call Non – Jews “Goyim” = soul-less cattle ….and murder people like they are some sort of vermin .

This letter speaks from passion; the 16 signers mean what they say and do not plan to back down. This is a vital start. Judeo-Christians have no real answer to the letter, and those few who hear about it will dismiss it, just as most Congressmen will.

COMMENT: As I have stated many times….those in power do not acquire and maintain it without some sort of “sell -out” and blackmail-able. If any Congressman dared to speak out in support of the letter , my guess is they would be gone in 48 hours..y’know..the skeletons in their closet come out real fast

Judeo Christians will perhaps wake up before it is too late.

The 16 signers did not name Judeo-Christianity as the root of the problem as Project Strait Gate first did in 2002 when about 16 Strait Gaters confronted an openly Christian Zionist church at its gate. That church, like some brazen others, flew a huge Israeli flag from its main flagpole instead of an American flag. It is time for those who follow Christ to show it by challenging not only Israel but all Judeo-Christian churches.

Jesus’s mission was conducted largely within the corrupted structure of Israelitism, the religious order of his day. New Testament references to Jesus’s open conflict with the Pharisees are numerous and clear. He always challenged them, never ignored them. Mainline Christians must see Judeo-Christian leaders as the Pharisee of our day.

COMMENT: Exactly….in the historical narrative…the Pharisees were the enemies, they controlled their people.  Simple translation..they were the Jewish leaders of the time. This may insult some people….but their are factions of Christianity ( GOOGLE John Hagee ) who have their congregations believing in this Judeo Christian  charade, to the point that they actually hope a war breaks out as this will facilitate the 2nd Coming of Christ. Huh?
It is not just support for Israel, it is their belief Israels actions are literally sanctioned in the Bible by God. This is what these traditional churches are trying to do…inform the public and disassociating themselves and their congregations for this Judeo -Christian Cult.

Why do Judeo-Christians see Israel in so different a light as the signers from eight traditional churches now see it? We explained it most succinctly in our 32-minute video, “Christian Zionism, The Tragedy and the Turning.” This letter to Congress is part of the Turning! Ten years ago Project Strait Gate began its teaching vigils at the doors of Judeo-Christian Zionist mega-churches. We learned from face-to-face contact with hundreds of members of some 70 mega-churches from coast to coast, what they believe: most are confused – some explode when challenged, because they can not explain their cult.

COMMENT:  I have noticed this phenomena for decades. A pastor grows to become a major televangelist. They become an entity unto their own, almost like  a “god”. Their words/sermons  and their biblical interpretation are the final say.

Traditional, mainline Protestant churches date back to the 14th Century. They have not accepted as doctrine the notion that the present day Israel is, or ever was, predicted by the Scriptures. Few mainliners have ever believed God intended a State of Israel to plant itself among the Philistines and usurp their land. Traditional Christians look to factual evidence; Judeo-Christian cannot do so unless they are ready to abandon their “faith,” of which Israel is an integral part.

The Judeo-Christian cult is a newcomer, a few years younger than Mormonism. It claims to be more spirit-filled and active than other groups in the Protestant ranks. It originated in the late 19th century and expanded greatly in the 20th; C.I. Scofield’s “Reference Bible” and other published works are still central to its teachings. The Judeo-Christians believe fanatically in the return of the Jews to the holy land. Political Israel reaps the benefit.


Many Non Zionist Jews are of the same opinion..Israel is an abomination. Like Judeo – Christians, many Jewish leaders are leading their own astray. “Scofield’s “Reference Bible” and other published works are still central to its teachings”…the Scofield Bible is a whole other topic...

It is this writer’s conclusion that Judeo-Christianity was supported by those early Zionists who were promoting a Jewish state on Philistine land as early as 1895, and that Zionist-leaning U.S. churches are the unofficial godparents of the all-Jewish state that now occupies the land of the Philistines with oppression and brutality. Why has Judeo-Christianity flourished teaching arguable false doctrine, while Traditional Christian churches have diminished?

COMMENT: IMHO what has happened is a divide and conquer. The traditional churches have been targetted…denigrated ,de – meaned via cultural marxism..where movements that are opposed to the traditional churches teachings have become the new religions. Pro Abortion …Pro Gay Rights…Anti Family..Morals are relative….anything goes…. Its the church of “ME” …not WE . The other Zionist leaning churches seem to be full of quickie “feel good” offshoots under the sway of quasi Jim Jones types.

We ask, is Judeo-Christianity a natural, modernization of traditional Christianity, or or is it an artificially contrived mega-cult serving its leaders and promoted by world Zionism? How can it prosper as a faith when it ignores Jesus’s statements? Since Judeo-Christians do not follow Jesus, the Peacemaker, and his basic command to be humble laborers for peace. How can one explain the rapid growth of this cult…Can Judeo-Christianity’s success be attributed to a power source that does not follow Jesus! They say they follow Christ and they chant choruses to Him… but do they follow Jesus’s words in today’s warring world? No, they follow their own leaders.

COMMENT: I cannot say that I was not under this Judeo Christian spell. Too many of us accept things at face value. As I have stated, my major epiphany was the 2008 Economic Crash..and how the Banking System was actually run. I thought  How could these God’s Chosen People who literally owned and ran the system, have allowed, if not outright planned this financial disaster ? That opened up numerous rabbit holes…ie Federal Reserve..Woodrow Wilson…Balfour Declaration….Palestine…French Revolution…the list is HUGE…..its all the same TRIBE.  It may have taken 50 years for ME  to  get wise to this,but at least it happened !

In Gaza, Israel has just bombed and killed 29 caged civilians, including two babies. Some Mainline Christians will object and protest, those protests are going on as this is written, but Judeo-Christians will ignore them, and will outright support of Israel the aggressor, and its so called “right to exist and defend itself.”

COMMENT:  Total brainwashing. It has no right to exist under the status -quo as Israel is on stolen land and murdering the rightful owners.

Readers, if you are Christ Followers who long and labor for peace, do not allow yourself to be called “Judeo-Christian,” and get out from under Zionist-leaning leadership that tolerates war in the name of Israel. The radical fringe of Judeo-Christianity readily admits they are “Christian Zionists.” How did they get there? Not by God’s guidance, but by that of men. They have mixed a pinch or two of New Testament Christian doctrine with a voluminous measure of Old Testament prophesy, salted with a few of Jesus’ words, a deadly brew, not because of the words’ meaning in the context written, but because the words are interpreted out of context as modern, Israeli mythology.

Israelis love to tell Americans, “we are the chosen people.” Judeo-Christians agree with them, and therefore, they do not follow Christ; they embrace Talmudic Judaism, which specifically denies Christ. How can Jesus bless them?

COMMENT: Usually a few good lies imbedded into the General Public psyche is enough to convince the majority.  Personally, it never made sense to have the “Chosen People” in contrast with the Biblical teachings that any differences that may have existed are “null and void”…and the “Jews” are not granted any special status PERIOD. What they are trying to state is that there has been a special allowance for them re: Christs second coming..like their non acceptance of him as the Messiah is OK for them but not others. This is how they screw up Goyim mind..many Goyim have to re- read scripture to conclude that if the Jews don’t accept Christ ASAP…they are SOL..PERIOD no exceptions…end of the discussion.
Even for ATHEISTS…they should see how this false belief imbedded in the Goyim is a major Achilles Heel in impacting world events. The Zionists magic act is to make the Goyim feel the Jews are the eternal victims, when, in fact, their Goyim Hating leaders  are the historical perpetrators.

Regardless of what churches they worship in, mainline Christians are called to confront Judeo-Christianity wherever they meet it. The 16 signers of the letter to Congress in opposition to aid to Israel have set an example that we must all follow. Christ followers who are trapped in Judeo-Christian cults need to be better informed, and their churches are the place for truth, not political myths. It is has been our prayer that traditional churches will join us in explaining the deceptions called Christian Zionism and Judeo-Christianity. Then Congress will listen, because the pressure on them will be too great to ignore!


Yep..time to wise up and rise up, both the Goyim and our decieved Jewish brethren . This will not end well otherwise, as it is not only our futures but also future generations at stake.We owe this to them!

Keep in mind..”Pride cometh before the Fall”….and  this may be  a point in history that these treacherous parties and their treasonous traitor- acolytes will look back and realize the world is becoming more and more aware …..if they are not “Nuremburg”ed first…..and this IS on the minds of many who had lead us astray into the clutches  of these wolves.

1)The End Times of Christian Zionism
 Charles E. Carlson Jan 3, 2007, http://whtt.org/newwhtt/main.php?nid=1122
Dear Member of Congress, excerpts:
 Full Text of Letter: https://charlesecarlson.com/churches-call-for-congressional-investigation-into-aid-to-isreal
3) Voter Turn Out Lower in 2012: https://charlesecarlson.com/2012-voter-turnout-lower-than-2008/
4) Free
Film Explaining: http://vimeo.com/15197234

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