WHO shot JFK ?

WHO shot JFK ?

As many of you are aware, this week is the 49th anniversary of the JFK assassination. Like 9-11 there is the initial reports and a tightly packaged “Offical version”. Then, people began to dissect it and come to numerous theories of what really happened.

Where were YOU when it happened?  I was in Kindergarten, heard about it there….came home and told my Mom, who wasn’t yet aware of what had happened.

This week I listened  to numerous discussions on Internet radio about this event.

James H. Fetzer and Michael Collins Piper 2012.08.10


Michael Collins Piper is on the radar screen of many as having one of the most well -researched and politically explosive books on this topic.

In this approx. (2) hour interview….he goes through in excruciating detail surrounding the JFK assassination, Why he was assaasinated……What lead up to it, how it was planned,  how it was executed, the many players…. and the aftermath.

NOTE: You can’t make this stuff up..its like a James Bond movie.

I won’t give too much away, expect that many fingers point to L.B.J…..Kennedy’s Vice President as one of the main culprits to gain from it. Apparently LBJ was not Knenedy’s first choice for VP. ……but LBJ made various blackmail threats to Kennedy. Once VP. he knew he was one simple step ….aka a bullet…closer to being President

As a bit of Trivia, I saw LBJ once, as a youngster… he drove down Sea Island Way with our then Premier W.A.C. Bennett to sign an agreement.

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