Breast-beating: Femen ‘assaulted’ by anti-gay marriage demonstrators in Paris ( *** SOME NUDITY ***)

By wmw_admin on November 20, 2012

Russia Today – Nov 19, 2012

Ukrainian topless activists Femen, famous for baring their breasts on any occasion to draw attention to a cause, clashed with French demonstrators protesting gay marriage and adoption in Paris.

On Sunday, some 100,000 people took to the streets of Paris to speak against legislation allowing gay marriage.

The demonstration was mainly organized by Catholic groups, which fear that such legislation will destroy the family.

Femen activists appeared amidst the demonstrators wearing costumes of sexy nuns. The activists were topless as usual, with slogans written across their chests. They were spraying demonstrators with white liquid calling it “Jesus’ semen.”

As protesters tried to push the topless feminists away scuffles erupted. Police had to use teargas to disperse the crowd.

Police and LGBT activists had to surround the Femen women to protect them from indignant demonstrators. The topless activists were later taken to a police station.

Femen called those who “attacked” them “religious nationalists,” saying that their action “In gay we trust” was “aimed at spreading progressive ideas of civil and sexual freedom into religious people’s minds.”

Activists also claimed that two Femen protesters were injured during the skirmish, with one losing a tooth and another allegedly having her nose broken.

The movement reacted with threats of revenge.

“Femen promises not to forget this incident and to take revenge on the organizers in the best Christian tradition: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” they wrote on their webpage.

Femen are known for staging topless protests against state and religious institutions, large corporations, international sport events and practically anything else.

French President Francois Hollande repeatedly stated that he is determined to legalize gay marriage while campaigning for the presidency. Now the legislation allowing gay marriages and adoption of children by gay couples is said to be considered in January.

France already allows gender-neutral civil union for gay couples to legalize their relationships.


Comment – Nov 19, 2012

It would be interesting to find out who was behind the Femen protests. Like Russia’s Pussy Riot with their attacks on the Russian Orthodox Church, we suspect that there was more to this than meets the eye.
Not only do Femen employ similar methods to provoke outrage with tactics that suggest blasphemy, we are certain that a closer examination will probably uncover mutual backers.  
As Israel Shamir revealed in his examination, Pussy Riot – Secret History, many of Russia’s rich and powerful Oligarch’s are implacably opposed to Orthodox Christianity. Yet they dare not be seen as being at odds with this newly revived and revered institution so they used the young viragoes associated with Pussy Riot to attack it.
Call it a gut instinct, but something tells me that the same forces that manipulated Pussy Riot are behind Femen, although we are also sure that most of the participants have no idea they are being used and would probably be most indignant at the mere suggestion.
Nonetheless, these young women are being set up as pawns in a much bigger game.





Usually when the politically savvy see this sort of in your face ” Free Speech”, the philosophical question arises…its OK to ridicule, denigrate , insult  SOME groups….BUT DON’T DARE DO IT TO OTHERS….especially a “certain one”.  The certain one is usually behind it….it is actually in THEIR belief system to destroy others.

While some people may get a cheap thrill and/or  a  bit of amusement , what we are really seeing”underneath” is an age old strategy to weaken/destabilize a society and culture.  They seek the lowest common denominator, which is usually hyper – sexualized ,pornographic…. and rub the given societies face in it, daring them to challenge or stop you. People are in such shock they don’t know what to do…but then get numbed and dumbed down to accept it.  Then it gets ratcheted up even more to exploit more previous taboos and make them socially acceptable.  The issues usually become shallower and people define their entire being by “Where and How they park their Gonads etc. “…. and then have Human Rights Tribunals to back them up or instill censorship on opponents. In my lifetime I have seen enormous change…and 50+ years later am now understanding why, it has nothing to do with liberation but enslavement. I still predict within my lifetime we will see things like bestiality and pedophilia made legal.

By then enough spiritual corrosiveness has been injected via this social engineerinng and cultural marxism , that what is left is a very dysfunctional society that has no direction and poor leadership.

This is really not much different than what happened during Bolshevism, this is meant to upset the status – quo and incite revolution and pit citizens against each other.


I hope these protestors keep pictures of this so they can “share” with their family(children?) in future years….., but then again, many of them have swallowed the appropriate Kool Aid to get to this point and beyond hope or live lives full of regret.


 These protestors usually have no idea how they are being” used” , unless they are in on it with their “masters” as the article alludes to.

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