Is the City of Richmond Full Of Shit..literally and figuratively?

Is the City of Richmond Full Of Shit..literally and figuratively?

On one of my previous posts, I had ” cut and pasted ” a list of names and beside them were noted some issues that they were each caught up in.

One of them was from San Francisco and the issue was about probelms/scandal re “Low Flush Toilets”

So, as usual ,curiousity got the better of me and I did a GOOGLE search to see what the problems /scandal was all about.

Well low and behold….there seems to be some major concerns about bad smells and clogged sewer infrastructure. (Article below)


Low-Flow Toilets Backfiring in San Francisco

March 14, 2011

The City of San Francisco’s costly rebate program to induce installation of low-flow toilets is backfiring, with city officials scrambling to combat clogged sewer lines and a horrible stench near important tourist neighborhoods.

Stench in Tourist Districts
The lack of sufficient water flow in the city’s sewer system has caused human waste to gum up the pipes rather than simply washing out according to system design. The odor of human feces has been emanating from underground, with the area near AT&T Park, home of the Major League Baseball San Francisco Giants, being particularly affected.

“There’s nothing like the delightful smell of human waste on a warm summer day,” deadpanned Matt Hickman, writing for the Mother Nature Network.

Rebate Program Induced Problem
A city rebate program offers residents up $200 for the installation of each low-flow toilet.

The city Public Utilities Commission estimates the program has saved 20 million gallons of water per year during the past five years. However, the city has been forced to spend $100 million so far to upgrade its sewer system and sewage plants. Moreover, the city is investing $14 million in bleach to treat city drains.

The new program to douse the city’s system with 8.5 million pounds of bleach, which environmental groups say will make its way into San Francisco Bay, is creating an outcry from the same environmental activist groups that called for the low-flow toilet rebate program in the first place.

Adam Lowry, chemical engineer and cofounder of Method eco-friendly cleaning products, points out the city had other options.

“Dumping this volume of bleach into our waterways would be an environmental disaster, and worst of all, it is completely unnecessary,” Lowry wrote on the Method Web site.

City Claims Minimal Problem
City officials argue they can minimize the environmental impact of the bleach treatments, and they dispute claims by environmental advocates that the bleach will make its way into San Francisco Bay.

“Sewage treatment plants utilizing sodium hypochlorite [bleach] for disinfection are specifically designed to remove it after using it,” said Tyrone Jue, director of communications for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. “This means there is no bleach being dumped into the Bay either from sewers or treatment plants.”

The environmental news media, however, are not so certain.

“While I applaud San Francisco’s efforts in looking out for health of both Mother Nature and its residents, this is one instance of the city’s somewhat aggressive tactics backfiring in a big way,” wrote Hickman.

Pamela Gorman ( is a former Arizona state senator.


Very interesting:

Here are some links ..

(i) City of Richmond Toilet Rebate Program

(ii) Grease clogs a pain in the drain

 (iii) What is that smell? Composting plant the source of 103 complaints


In essence, the  City of Richmond also has a toilet rebate program… encourage installation of low- flush toilets to conserve water.

In addition, we have had a lot of past news about City Sanitary sewers being plugged and requiring expensive repairs.

Just this week, we read about  of a number of complaints about smells throughout the City.

I know  a plumber who works at UBC…who informed me that Low Flush Toilets are a nightmare. He said the physics of plumbing have been worked out decades ago…ie that a certain amount of water is necessary to ensure solids move through the sewer lines. If not, the solids will tend to settle to  a point they will ultimately clog the system. 

I am not an engineer, but am fairly familiar with how the sewer system works. It is not necessarily air tight….go look at a manhole cover..and see Sanitary Sewer stamped on it. If water isn’t moving it will sit stagnate and reek.

Or ,as many have stated, if you have to flush a low flush toilet  twice…there is no water saving.  We have had restaurants for years, major growth… and I don’t recall a problem before. Science or just basic common sense suggest seeking new variables in the overall ever -evolving  equation . Perhaps it is the Low Flush toilets that are to blame. What pisses me off is that, like water meters….low flush toilet programs are common in many Cities……. this is not rocket science, so are other cities (like Richmond) paying attention and learning from  others (ie San Francisco’s) costly mistakes aka old repeating History ?  

FOLLOW the money . Who is gaining from selling these low flush toilets and  thus disposing of perfectly good existing toilets ?

Is this a bunch of City Hall egos…..and/or trying to avoid legal liability till the SHTF ? What we could be seeing is the start of major infrastructure the REAL problem has not been identified nor solved, and we will continue to see more of these clogs.  

I mean, we have convenient scapegoats to cover all bases?..blame restaurants for clogs..and a new compost plant for smells.? PERFECT cover ?!.  

Perhaps we now have a culprit..and  the “Go Green GAI cult” screws up (again) with their poorly – researched eco -whacky ideas. This agenda to “conserve” could actually backfire on many fronts…especially as it is AGENDA 21 driven. Who knows…perhaps the propoganda to save a “few cups of water”  per  flush has an insidious intent (similar to only putting in half the oil an engine requires)…thus to sabotage the system and further bankrupt the citizens with costly infrastructure repairs.

Somehting stinks….literally and figuratively

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