American Revolution : ” Boston Tea Party ” Charles Giuliani discussion

American Revolution : ” Boston Tea Party ”  Charles Giuliani discussion
British East India Company
Flag of the British East India Company (1801).svg
I found the discussion ( I posted it yesterday ) quite fascinating.
To wrap one’s head around these sorts of exposes’s, simply realize that much of what is taught as ” History” is Fictionalized Bullshit by the Victors with a combination of  censorship and half truths.
I love History , but now my I am more attuned to going down those rabbit holes to get at the real TRUTH…all the gory details….it is unfolding like a major mystery novel.
As Mr.Giuliani outlined…there was much more than met the eye. We were taught that the Boston Tea Party was a sign of people in a British Colony wanting to take off the yoke and shackles of their British oppressors ie ” No taxation without Representation “. From this “revolt” was spawned an Independent nation later called the United States of America… and inspiration for us all….or so the story goes.
In hindsight….I go much farther back. I go with the crucial premise that Rothschilds never let go of their bitches…it is simply deception and illusion to think otherwise.
Mr.Giuliani noted a very rare book he was able to access and research …the notes of someone who was actually present and witnessed the so called ” tea party rebellion “. 
Doesn’ the whole official story seem far fetched…that people could sneak aboard and dump tea without guards noticing..UNLESS they were told to Stand Down….ie do nothing…like during 9-11. It was all for show..a False Flag… bait and foster another agenda. 
In other words, the victims were the perpetrators. They sense a golden opportunity to take charge of a brewing revolt and use it against the opposition and ultimately gain control.
In hindsight, the more defining moments were the Civil War, which effectively was aimed at putting the previously autonomous states under Central Gov’t the United States were actually separate countries where the Federal Gov’t was there to protect them if the need arose. The Civil War was a war of Northern Aggression…Bankster funded. It was also the first war whereby civilians were fair game….this spawns a whole different war beast.  One has to note the Global what else was going on at the time….Europeans Socialist were migrating to the US…Karl Marx was drafting his Communist manifestos….
Mr.Giuliani and Ms Spingola shows are dissecting the real history of what went on and how many of the so-called founding fathers of the country were actually agents for outsiders.
Look at the  Flag posted above.…does that not tell you something ?
So. again…do the homework  and always be careful re the so -called official story. Another day, I can hopefully get into how decades ago Historians were co-opted  by the Elite to draft official versions of History  their Masters wanted.
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