The Zionist Conspiracy (***** Excellent Documentary ***)

The Zionist Conspiracy (***** Excellent Documentary ***)
If you are still trying to wrap your thoughts around this ISRAEL and ZIONISM concept…this is an EXCELLENT documentary……. 12 parts….literally from A to Z on the entire issue.
I saw that after the first(3) parts…. the message should be driven home to even the least informed but open minded.
It is interspersed with the quotes from the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”….and starts with Benjamin Freedmans’ speech on where modern day Judaism evolves from…in essence a bunch of ruthless Khazarian  barbarians.
This documentary is well- paced with various world events  and various parties  advising us to heed the warnings.
It also exposes the worst of all dupes, Christian preachers who are leading their flocks astray with support of  Israel,  when clearly the Zionists take advantage of blatant misinterpretation of the Bible and supporting these Khazarian FRAUDS and Charlatans whose initial targets where Christians, now moving  onto Muslims and Islamic believers.
Don’t be fooled by the Master Deceivers…View who they claim their “god” is.
Enough said..ignore at your peril.
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