The Cold War : Russia + U.S. = _________

The Cold War :     Russia + U.S. = _________

Just listening to Spingola’s interview re:Hurricane Sandy and Weather Modification ….which I will post later.
However , she and her guest delved into History…and various Military  Projects and Gov’t funding
They delved into Bolshevism and Russia, and what “Russia” really was in the global scheme of things. It is without question that Wall Street Bankers funded Bolshevik revolution in 1917 .  Also note the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.  Coincidence?
Once Russia became Communist,…it appears that Russia was kept technologically on par with the US by the US and its Zionist masters.  (Seriously….. GOOGLE this).
Then WW 2 with Russia allied with the U.S. and Allies to take out Germany .
Then Russia did a 180 degree turn and became the U.S. ” enemy “…the start of the Cold War. NEW Bad Guy versus the “Good Guys”.
Like a Wrestling Match …..its all fake  for show its all BULLSHIT.
It allowed the U.S. to keep control of its “Colonies” and Russia to keep control of its “Colonies”.
China? has Mao as  front man,…wouldn’t look good to have a Zionist leader. China had other uses to the Globalists later on.
Now that the WALL STREET Bankers had control via this COLD WAR charade…this allowed Israel to be created and armed as a “buffer” to the last domino….which would be the Middle East….take down the Arab nations as the last  major resistance via their cultural and religious bonds. 
Now after decades of this Cold War charade…Israel has a toehold and the US as its Gorilla to go in and strike the final blow as the Faux Chosen have taken out the French(French Revolution)…the Russians(Bolshevik Revolution) Germany(WW1 and WW2) with the rest of the world as their bitches as they slaughter Palestinians and wish to conquer the last holdouts of  Syria and Iraq.
Tactic by Bankers: Fund both sides of the equation.
Russia + U.S. ? =  Excuse to create an armed Israel
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