UNravelling History: Missing Links to the Big Picture **** Highly Recommended ****

UNravelling History: Missing Links to the Big Picture **** Highly Recommended ****

Here are the links to Charles Giuliani ‘s last (3) broadcasts:


NOTE: Mr. Giuliani is an obvious atheist, and he may offend some Non – Atheists with some of his views. However, isn’t it interesting that most Non Atheists don’t cry and scream Anti – S*mitism when their beliefs are questioned , criticized and even ridiculed. Regardless…, setting that aside, he is providing some excellent history and getting to the root of what ails the world.  It is simply History repeating itself….except now on a more massive scale.

I have to admit I was coming to the same conclusions from my own vantage point, except he has filled in the Missing Links for me more quickly.  Clearly, the world has been forcibly engaged in a huge “magic act”…smoke and mirrors, ….except now the wizards are no longer hiding..” Pride cometh before the Fall”  as the saying goes !?!.

Once you have listened to the (3) interviews…I have some very potent posts more specific to the issue.
Keep in mind…UNlearn…..invert your previous assumptions and so – called ” history ” . The massive swindle involves lies , deception and hypocrisy….its called “projection”. They accuse their self- defined opposition/enemies of the same crimes they themselves are historically guilty of.  We see this is beyond obvious now in the Middle East. Enough of this BULLSHIT and playing the majority of us for cattle and suckers to be lead to the slaughter
…….and also…… for a change of pace….back to the topic of ” SEX ” ….lol
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