More on UNravelling History (Part 2):

More on UNravelling History (Part 2):
The French Revolution is perhaps the key to understanding the pattern….
As I have often noted I have  a globe of the world next to my computer. Much of the worlds events can be viewed through the geo-political lens. I often glance over to my globe to look at areas currently in the news
At the time of the French Revolution, the main global powers were Britain, France and Spain. They also had very imperialistic ambitions . Much of the rest of Europe really wasn’t a factor. You don’t here much about Germany..because it had not really consolidated itself under one nation…more like mini -states not under one cohesive umbrella . Much of Eastern Europe was simply scattered towns of small ethnic groups that would establish themselves in areas that had no formal nation…like a big frontier.
Germany would not consolidate itself till later…(that is another topic) , but in essence as these other countries grew, they still had Imperialistic intentions, which forced other ethnic groups to form their own nations so as not to be taken over by often hostile forces.
So, given Rothschilds had long established their banks in key European centers…now the world become their cheesboards/monoply board. Rothschilds started in Frankfurt Germany….but ultimately made London their Global home base. As Ms Spingola said, this was more of a marriage of convenience. Both Rothschilds and the British had Imperialistic views, mutually complimentary….the world was theirs to conquer and exploit.
As another side note….and keep this in mind…IF one reviews History….especially where there are ruling monarchies …it has always been a battle for survival. There were always challengers… Keeping power AND acquiring power costs MONEY…ie to fund armies. Where does a challenger get MONEY?…from the Bankers who often also lent to the current rulers. So they played both sides..knowing one would win , and the Banker would be repaid. If they didn’t repay the banker, they couldn’t afford to defend another attempt.(ie credit cut off) ..or if deposed, the new ruler tax the people…So my conclusions are that much of past history and present is based on power seekers. 100’s of years ago…someone wanted to be King or Queen…ego trip….or…? so they cut a deal for  a loan and made their attempts. Nowadays, less bloody , simply sub in the sham called democracy with banker puppets in place. That IS the game being played behind our backs.
Now..back to France.
The French Revolution ,IMHO, was a precursor to the Russian Bolshevik Revolution. France was attacked from WITHIN, (as opposed to by a foreign invasion).The French had a culture ,own language  and a country which was predominalty Catholic. A seemingly strong united group. What could go wrong?
Spain….again geo-politically  too far away to target…France’s locale made it the logical target for the agenda. If you have listened to the broadcasts, economic chaos was ravaged on the general population. People became desperate. When people become desperate social order collapses. They are now primed for a “match” to be “lit” for the situation to explode. Agents and provocateurs are ready to harness this growing mob mentality and target scapegoats.  Now the mob plays into their hands. Then the hammer comes down, usually a reign of terror…more psychological ambushing. People are executed  in public, even without trial, it was common simply to just “accuse” people of things.  I recall the number was 60,000 Guillotine executions during this time ? (Recall NOAHIDE Laws?) Slowly order is restored but at  a price to personal freedoms and liberties of the masses. 
If you recall in the broadcast, they socialistic ‘Big Brother”system was introduced….women paid to have babies..entitlements ..etc…BUT the intent was to attack the culture that once  bound the nation. The Revolutions Gov’t that arose created programs and results that were diametrically opposed be the Catholic Church. Thus, if “they” can undermine and UNravel one of the major cultural bonds…they literally have control of the citizens..who they wish to turn into self -indulgent ,state dependent zombies.
Approx. 100 years later, we see almost the exact same thing happen in Russia. The “Tribe” exported revolutionaries from the US to Russia, funded by the “Tribes” Major NYC Bankers…and again , a powerful nation was attacked from within. They got the population stirred up , creating scapegoats and imaginary oppressors, and blood flowed like rivers. Before the people woke up…it was too late . Millions of their countrymen, intellectuals, leaders etc. were murdered and starved to death ( Holomodor ) for no reason other than just being alive. Now your social structure is gone. Again , sheer and utter Chaos. People are now desperate. Then is the prime time to offer a “solution” to fill the vacuum… in which their is actually no choice.
If you haven’t got it yet….this same basic strategy has been in place Globally for decades….slowly but surely…and it is working…..right under our very noses….simply via a multiplier domino effect …..and is primed to go off ANY time now.
We  will get into this more later.
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