More on UNravelling History (Part 1):

More on UNravelling History (Part 1): 
I realize it is a lot of listening to those (3) broadcasts…..but they are archived on that web-site.The beauty is the commercial are edited out and one hears a condensed version.
Lets compare some notes.
This group “tribe” has been kicked- out various countries over 100 times in History. We have to assume that these countries comprise a wide spectrum of different cultures, backgrounds, laws etc. etc. Or, if a person is bounced out of 100 different bars…is it the bars that are the problem…..or the person ? Isn’t it obvious?. Its like being judged 100 times… different judges..yet same verdict ?  I cannot think of another definable group in history that has been evicted so many times by so many different nations. However duly note “eviction”….not massacred.
However we are not talking about a few individuals from the tribe ,  but the entire tribe . To remove an entire tribe and its members indicates what ? That the tribe works as a cohesive group for their best interests and not of the host nation. As was said in one of the broadcasts, the Tribe historically acts as a nation within a nation. Now that in itself is not necessarily wrong, ethnic etc. enclaves are not unusual. That has been  the norm throughout history and generally peaceful co-existence.
However,the theme that is repeated ad nauseum is that the Tribe, once allowed into any given country, has ultimately lead to chaos within the host nation and a parasitical approach to to the host nation and it citizens   aka they are treated like cattle.
It had been the same F*cking pattern for 100 ‘s of years. Much of it revolves around the Private banks they establish and control in the host nation, usually Rothschilds ultimate control.
Rothschilds basically said they do not care who is in gov’t if they(Rothschilds) have control of the nations currency.
Rothschilds mother stated there would be no war is her sons did not want it.. Does it get any more clearer or more indicting than that?
The pattern appears to be infiltrate the country, get in control of the key chokepoints, including key positions of power and influence , create economic chaos,…..plunder the host country, instigate revolutions, drag the people down , and create a new order. The old Hegelian Dialect .
The French Revolution is perhaps the key to understanding the pattern
(To Be Continued)
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