Israel’s Days Are Numbered – Kyle Hunt 2012.11.15

Israel’s Days Are Numbered – Kyle Hunt 2012.11.15

This is a short 30 Minute broadcast, but every second of it is packed with emotion.
It also hits the nail on the head.
At what time does the planets  Eternal Bully find himself alone ? or even better…. true justice meted out to these treacherous parasites ?
As we speak….the true nature of this beast is being revealed, it has simply been hidden for years. They want to trigger WW3….pure and simple ….PERIOD.They will slaughter more and more innocent people until something is triggered….like poking sticks at the dog until the dog responds….then shoot the dog and cry “Victim”….that is their historical modus operandi….lying scheming BULLSHIT
Do YOU have loved ones in the military ?….how fast do YOU think they could be shipped overseas and fight another Zionist Bankers Imperialistic war ..except this time it may be Nuclear.
Simply GOOGLE how tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers come back from these recent Middle  East wars devastated emotionally and physically…scarred for life.  Read up on the suicide statistics. For what…because some psychopaths in Occupied Palestine claim the sky is falling….”waaaah … us we are the Chosen”. Actually you are not , that’s another lie. Even if you were, you have certainly  steered clear of much of what “your God” has mandated.
Just think about how we have been conned and lied to….no Nation on earth has not been impacted by these people who think 99.99 % of the planets human beings…or all races ,religions ,ethnicities, etc. are cattle meant to serve them.
How can a tiny minority have such power ? That’s what I am trying to explain….but once you grasp it…you will be equally ready with the rest of us who want to get the big broom going and take charge.  If we don’t, just review what has happened in History…therein lies our future.
Enough IS ENOUGH thankfully more and more people are waking up
Peace is within OUR grasp.
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