More down the Rabbi’t Hole…

More down the Rabbi’t Hole…

The classic response when something is exposed is people say things like….” Why do you talk like that re: “X”….I know  a couple of people I work with that are “X” ….and we are friends and hang out a lot.”

I say fine ….nothing wrong with that. That portion is amongst us average citizens with all its diversity, and like most of are not as aware of what the upper echelon tribe members are doing.

It is really not much different than our politicians….they live amongst us…but they exist at the upper ecehelons as well and treat us like pawns and cattle. I have a no -holds barred approach against these types.

Many of the “Tribe” members have a common bond…but really don’t have a clue how they are being manipulated. “Meat in the Grinder”…”Cannon Fodder”..Useful idiots” knows no bounds . I have been reading volumes of History…and the picture is clearer with every word.

So if your friend neighbour ,co-worker ,etc is a member of “the Tribe”, I wouldn’t worry about it…unfortunately they may be THE most lied to , deceived and manipulated people that exist.

On the positive note…Many of their tribe members have the intestinal fortitude to speak out and expose the upper echelons traitors and their agenda which affects us ALL.. If you understand the Tribes beliefs, doctrine, dogma and history  and internal political structure, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G   starts to make sense.

It is always a balancing act to being as diplomatic as possible..versus blunt force facts.

That’s where I am coming from…..

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