<<<<>>>>> Rabbit Hole Alert !!!!

<<<<< WARNING >>>>>>    Rabbit Hole Alert !!!
To further expand out horizons, and paint the big picture, I am going to post what some may consider fairly controversial items.
This is not meant to titillate,…OR  piss -off  etc..etc. ….but actually to increase awareness and inform ALL for the common good .
One often finds gems on- line , but not always perfectly polished aka a few rough edges.
It is not at all my intent to offend people, but as you will see there is some real meat on the bones I have submitted.
What I post I may not agree with 100%..perhaps fell a bit pissed off as well, ….but there is more than enough substance to what is posted that there are parts one may wish to hold their nose…or simply accept as a cost of “free speech” , but regardless a valuable stepping stone to greater awareness.
What our enemies wish to do is try to stifle free speech and do our thinking for us..out of “piss/shit  their pants fear “that we will catch on.They hide behind increasingly thin veils of law or quasi judicial bodies of what is actually and ultimately censorship. I think the General Public should be the judge of that, and not be played as “Divide and Conquer” pawns/ fools…….then we ALL lose…..thats their strategy.
As you can probably tell…. I am in for the Good Fight and the Fair Fight….and dare them to stand in my way.!!!
I know how to deal with bullies from past experience….. and keep thinking of new ways to shut them up and send them packing
How about Y-O-U ?
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