My thoughts on the Bullying issue :

My thoughts on the bullying issue :

I think it is quite clear that bullying is a fact of life…I doubt there is anyone that has not been bullied at some points in their life(and no, it also continues in the Adult world).

Being from Old was a rite of passage, and many of us learned valuable life lessons on how to deal with it…

However, in this modern era, it seems that every year “bullying” becomes an annual issue…widely discussed in schools, in Gov’t ,and the media.

My spouses’ sister had a friend, a School Principal, who was once the “BC guru”  of this Bullying issue.(.now this was almost 20 years ago?)

What’s changed ?

IMHO nothing.

Now, I am not saying I have the solution, but I am getting more concerned about the way it is being addressed. Bullying is a far deeper issue, perhaps more of it now than ever before. However, this “group hug” Koom- Bay- Ya our schools are promoting is simply another social – engineering tool….they make people feel “weak” and “victims”…and as they grow older subliminally programmed to join some special interest group. Then the usual ” issue pimps” ie Politicians and Experts make their annual “we must do something about this issue”…see ya next year.

Holding hands and creating posters not only deflects the issue, it may backfire and allow it to grow and manifest in various other ways.  Children should cry and whine at the moment of birth…but after that they need to develop spines, inner -strength and self reliance and  independence. Otherwise,  by the time they go from K -12..they have had 13 years of this “victimization training” and then enter the real world.  The solution must obviously be left up to the individual, as continually identifying the problem is no solution at all.




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