Wood smoke is new burning issue in Metro’s crosshairs ( PART 2 )

Wood smoke is new burning issue in Metro’s crosshairs ( PART 2 )
When I read the article about possible Wood Smoke ban, by Metro…., what also came to mind was a Local Company that sells packaged  firewood. It appears to be a major manufacturer and distributor, ( as I see their products at several retailers , and is located in Metro Vancouver). Given my gut feel that Jeff Nagels story may not reach enough parties…I though I would do a good neighbourly deed and contact the company. I did a search and found their web site, and sent them an e-mail (below)..

From: Roland

Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 9:50 AM
Subject: SBC Firemaster Contact Form Submission


Name Roland
Message Are you aware of this proposal to ban wood fires?

Wood smoke is new burning issue in Metro’s crosshairs


Later that day, I received this reply ( below )

Hi Roland,

I want to thank you for sending this link. I had not seen it.


Jeff, I would like to discuss this article with you as it affects the livelihood of me and the other two dozen Firemaster employees. For your information, SBC Firemaster is the largest packaged firewood company in Canada and the Western USA and we have a lot of people that depend on wood burning for their livelihood.


I would appreciate it if you could make arrangements to meet with me (I am away next week, but back on the 19th). I have been in the packaged firewood industry for over 25 years, and would like to work with you to generate material for other articles that pertain to wood burning and handling, including fireplaces, campgrounds, EPA and non EPA rated wood stoves, EPA exempt pellet stoves, etc.


I have never offered my services like this before, so please tell me the protocol. There is a lot more to the wood burning issue than PM 10 emissions and I would like to tell a journalist the story of SBC Firemaster and share my knowledge of wood burning in general. Who knows, you may get several columns out of it.


Please contact me.



John Jefferson

Sales Manager

SBC Firemaster Ltd.

Cell Phone   778 809 2249


So….it’s ALWAYS a good feeling to use one’s common sense and think outside the box, not be selfish with the info… and help others.  Given my increasing distrust and skepticism for Gov’t, what could very easily have happened is the Bureaucrats draft plans and bylaws….the Metro Politicians could have voted on and approved a “Ban” on Wood Fires, not being aware of the collateral damage and this company ( and there are likely other Firewood supply companies as well ) would not be aware till it is too late. One can imagine such companies having clients cancel orders and the companies blindsided and only after the fact find out why. Very rarely will the Bureaucrats and Politicians reverse a decision once made…for a number of reasons(ie ego, legal reasons etc….so it is very crucial they be headed off ASAP.

Again, the message is an obligation as a citizen to keep your eyes and ears open, and share what you know the Gov’t is up to….it could affect you next.

If more people do this…Gov’t will get the message and be kept under control, and we can work towards a united community, not be under the thumbs of a communistic system that intrudes on our freedoms and liberties.

Finally..if you are fan of wood fires….show your support, perhaps contact FIREMASTER… , and also e-mail Metro Vancouver  and tell them to back off..

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