Prime Minister David Cameron Warns of Witch Hunt

Prime Minister  David Cameron Warns of Witch Hunt

By Rixon Stewart on November 8, 2012 Rixon Stewart – Nov 8, 2012

Interviewed on ITV’s This Morning Thursday David Cameron was presented with the names of politicians who had allegedly been involved in child abuse.
His response was telling. The prime minister didn’t even look at the list. Instead he warned that the mounting furore over the issue could turn into a “witch hunt”, particularly against gays.
Right. So after decades of being hidden, the abuse of children by senior politicians finally starts coming to light and David Cameron responds by warning against a witch-hunt.
If that is Cameron’s main concern as more cases of abuse come to light we can only ask: whom is he trying to protect?
Is he really trying to protect homosexuals from unwarranted persecution? Or is that just a ruse?
Is Cameron really trying to protect other high-ranking politicians in his party who were, and maybe still are abusing children, but whose names have yet to come to light?
“I’ve heard all sorts of names bandied around and what then tends to happen is everyone sits around and speculates about people, some of whom are alive, some of whom are dead,” Cameron told presenters on ITV’s This Morning.
“I do think it’s very important that anyone who’s got any information about any paedophile, no matter how high up in the country or whether they are alive or dead, go to the police,” he continued.
Given that many have already approached the police with their suspicions about Jimmy Savile, Cameron’s appeal sounds a little hollow. Especially since the North Yorkshire Police in particular have been accused of actively colluding in a cover-up of Savile’s activities. 
The presenter then passed Cameron a piece of paper listing names he had gathered from the internet, asking the prime minister “you know the names on that piece of paper, will you be speaking to these people?”.
As we noted, Cameron didn’t even glance at the names, instead he warned:
“There is a danger if we are not careful that this can turn into a sort of witch hunt, particularly about people who are gay, and I’m worried about the sort of thing you are doing right now, taking a list of names off the internet.”  
Note at this point Cameron’s chief concern isn’t about child abuse among senior politicians, which had been going on for years before it was exposed on the internet. No, he’s more concerned with the persecution of gays and “taking names off the internet”.
That’s right, Cameron’s chief concern doesn’t seem to be the paedophiles in his party but people who are researching the subject and finding things out for themselves.
After all the corporate media can’t be relied on to tell us what’s really going on. The child abuse by top Tory politicans had been ongoing for decades before it was exposed, largely through the internet.
Finally, although he didn’t look at the list of names handed to him we can only wonder: did Cameron know any of those listed?
Were there any senior party members named? Is that why he’s trying to protect them?
This whole scandal is obviously getting a little too close to the ruling Tory Party for David Cameron’s comfort. We can only guess at what more will be revealed in the coming weeks and months. Judging by David Cameron’s performance on This Morning though, many more sordid secrets could be exposed.
Tony Blair left office with a reputation that will mark him as one history’s bloodiest liars. Judging by David Cameron’s performance in recent days Blair’s notoriety may soon be surpassed by Cameron’s.
Remember my previous and oft – repeated commentsPresidents are not elected, they are Selected” that democracy is basically a fraud….puppetts with strings attached are put in power. 
If you haven’t heard about it, there is this huge scandal in Britain re: a celebrity named Jimmy Savile and parties associated with him.The allegations are Savile facilitating a paedophiles  ring which also involved senior politicians, and further allegations of the authorities being not only aware but actively involved in a cover-up. This seems similar to the Franklin Affair in the US in the 1980’s, which went right up to the White House. 
As I stated before….many those selected in politics are often compromised before they go in, or soon after..the skeletons in the closet exist, its simply used as blackmail or the skeletons “come back to life” the victims speak out.
Why is the ”  gay ” red herring being used by the Prime Minister….totally irrelevant….  Child abuse IS CHILD ABUSE..the gender of the Victims  and the sexual preferences of the Perpetrators is not the issue.
As I say….if we have these types of people in power, abusing the public trust, it cast a very dark cloud on whatever they do, why they do it, (ie vote certain ways…pass certain laws….ignore other issues) etc.etc.  as they have “poisoned the well” by these actions that are coming to light, which they ultimately and inevitably always do.  We the Public must stop allowing this “circling of the wagons”, and clean house, which includes ALL accessories to these crimes and betrayals of the public trust. Otherwise, it will only get worse and we will  have no-one to blame but ourselves.
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