Geo- Engineerring/aka Weather Modification


Geo- Engineerring/aka Weather Modification

Another excellent inteview…….
The “BULLSHIT”  detector is a crucial device….but one cannot buy ….or rent it, it is, unfortunately…a product of the olde school aka” blood sweat and tears….etc.”
The blessing is…(once you get your PhD in the aforementioned BS detection ), you move to the next quantum leap level…the ability to decode and decipher what is truth VERSUS what is BS.
BS is usually some overpaid hack trying to convince the general public to become prostelytized = converted to a certain agenda.  Conversely….Intelligent people  act like  an objective jury and hear BOTH sides of a given issue.
IMHO…the LIARS promote a shallow propaganda.., ” hoping/praying/assuming”  the masses will agree.
However, those that actually use their inherent intellect will tune their psyche to the ” prophetic voice in the wilderness ” …aka well-informed minority  …and THEN render their “judicial verdict” on the tabled issue.
That said….I encourage you to listen to this interview.
It is very potent re:  the scenarios that may affect any of us in the future.
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