Pickton cop posted torture pictures online – Update

Pickton cop posted torture pictures online – Update

Again the force becomes a farce. The unprofessionalism has become absurd. The media is reporting that a Coquitlam RCMP Officer posted pictures of him with bound women on S&M porn sites. This officer was also involved in the Pickton investigation. Many of the pictures are too graphic to post but the Vancouver Sun wrote a description of them.

We have already heard how the female officer who represented the police in the Media during the Pickton arrest has filed a class action lawsuit against the RCMP claiming the investigators on the case were very inappropriate and how she was subjected to sexual harassment as a result. This class action law suit has snowballed into an absurd medley of continued inappropriate conduct.

An RCMP code-of-conduct inquiry is underway into a Mountie who played a bit part in the investigation into serial killer Robert Pickton and appeared on an Internet website posing in sexually explicit torture images reminiscent of the pig-farmer’s crimes.

In some of the graphic pictures obtained by The Vancouver Sun, Coquitlam Cpl. Jim Brown appears to wear only his regulation-issue Mountie boots and an erection as he wields a huge knife and a bound naked woman cringes in terror.

The narrative of the still photographs, posted on an S&M website, progresses from an apparent street scene of the woman walking past Brown sitting on a wall; he overpowers her; he hog-ties her, he imprisons her in a cage, he threatens her with a large butcher knife and he slashes her.

His detachment commander, Supt. Claude Wilcott, said “The alleged issue was deemed to be off-duty, non-criminal, adult consensual activity during which the individual was not representing himself as a member of the RCMP and thus it did not appear to legal services to meet the threshold for a code-of-conduct violation.”

Meanwhile back on the ranch, Missing Women Commissioner Wally Oppal is refusing to reopen the inquiry. Of course he is. He was in a slasher movie himself while he sat on the Missing women inquiry and he didn’t see anything wrong with that. This kind of insanity is very offensive.

On a matter of personal privilege, someone sent me a whole whack of screen clips of the dirty freak. Yes, Cpl Jim Brown is the one holding the knife. Also known as the Kilted Knight. He’s no knight but he is jilted. His account has now been emptied but that was only after the case hit the media. It continued for a year after it was reported to the police.

Most of the pictures are pure porn. Nude or semi nude pictures of sexual acts. I don’t run that kind of a server. One could argue those were consenting adults. Yet what our friend the freak doesn’t realize is that the whole concept of posing in pictures with knives and forced sex are fantasies of real criminal acts. Jilted Jim Freak pays someone to stage photos of him with an actress pretending to enjoy forced sex, assaults and knife play. He posts these pictures trying to recruit willing partners in those kind of sick fantasies.

So yes they are pictures of consenting adults but what they are depicting is criminal acts of sexual violence. It’s like the balcony rapist who used a knife to commit sexual assault. The fantasy of getting aroused from forced sex is deranged. Fantasizing about a criminal act are deranged. A person defiantly displaying and bragging about those kind of fantasies to his coworkers is unlawful. It constitutes sexual harassment which is why the RCMP are now facing a class action law suit for failing to enforce the law and protect their employees from sexual harassment.

One will note that in the screen clip of his profile designed to meet willing partners, he claims there is a stalker out there saying slanderous things about him and if anyone potential partner wants to know the truth about him they should find out for themselves and talk to him not a former partner that is warning people about his deranged character. That is yet another red flag. The guy’s a freak defiantly posting his criminal fantasies trying to meet willing partners who are into S&M while a former partner is out there warning people about his true character. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to do the math.

Recommend : Click on the link above and read the coments..here is one
I agree with Trailrunner. The screening process is supposed to weed out that kind of behaviour not promote it. I knew a clean cut young kid who was applying to become an RCMP officer a while ago. He said the questionnaire asked all kinds of very strange and detailed information about what kind of porn you watch, how much time you spend and what not. He said the questions were very strange and the survey freaked him out. It’s hard to know if they are trying to screen that stuff out or profile and promote it.

Wearing RCMP boots in the act is another red flag. I hate to admit it but how often do we hear off duty police officers say I’m a cop! So? I got into an argument with one off duty cop once who was trying to get a special deal. He shouted out, I’m a cop as though that meant something and he wanted special treatment. I turned to him and looked him in then eye and said oh, you mean like Kelowna? That was right after the Geoff Mantler case was in the news. The guy freaked and went ballistic. He said that comment was uncalled for and then went on and on about one bad apple. I responded by saying it isn’t just a matter of one or two bad apples. The police are getting a lot of bad press these days and I proceeded to cite half a dozen specific cases. This whole command culture of off duty police officers trying to get a special deal because they are a cop is disturbing.

Personally…….. I am F*CKING sick and tired of this BIGGER Mafia called Gov’t. Has some alien force taken over ?
This  is simply another symptom of Cultural Marxism…morals and ethics are subjective, relative…..no real standards.  Or more to the point… people are programmed into a belief that w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r THEIR kinks, perversions ,fantasies etc are….short of say murder….its not only none of our business, and,  if we question it,  they will cry discrimination and perhaps go to court etc. Well perhaps….if say the person was say a plumber in the Private Sector….we certainly don’t want a “Police State” .
However, as the story and comment above notes this IS  the Police. This is quite a messy story, which I won’t get into right now .  Apparently….someone was tipped that they saw these photos on line and noticed the boots were RCMP issue,implying the person wearing them was a Cop.
What is even more concerning is that this kinky cop was involved with the sick and sordid Pickton investigation. There is something seriously WRONG here.
What Gov’t does not seem to get is that we , the General Public , pay taxes, which the Gov’t “Olde Boys Club” uses to not only pay itself well, and with benefits no Private Sector company can come close to affording.
However, in this deal with the Public Service…., I was never aware of any “Circle -the -Wagons” clause….whereby these Public Servants cover each other asses and allow these types to suck on the taxpayer teat and delay waht should be an outright termination. 
These clowns don’t get it….the General Public has the view that this may be far more epidemic than what has been exposed….and statistically they are probably right..ie ONE Expose’ = HOW MANY UN-Exposed ? I mean,  can you look at any Cop with a straight face anymore….or when you get a ticket….think this group has no hesitation to fine you $165 for going 11 KM/Hr over the limit, ….but will be the first to bitch about issues like this?
Maybe its time the General Public no longer tolerate this litany of betrayal, and start taking back what has always been ours, and start CLEANING HOUSE ASAP.
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