Ok…Obama won…but whats next

Ok…Obama won…but whats next ?

Admittedly,…..I had predicted a Romney win…..

As the results were coming in from across the country…Romney was leading much of the time.

However, later the momentum began to swing…and Obama ultimately won a 2nd term.

In the lead up to the election…many pundits said that it really doesn’t matter WHO wins….the choice was betwen a quick end to the U.S. as we know it…. or a  slower one.  I was quite amazed at how many simply said DON’T VOTE  P-E-R-I-O-D..(except perhaps a 3rd party candidate ?) and send a message.

Listening to a lot of internet radio shows yesterday, some intriguing views and opinions. One pundit said Romney made a strategic error not having a Hispanic person as his potential VP . The Hispanic vote is huge in the U.S. , and yet often ignored. Unfortunately ….Politics caters to Voting Blocs….usually based on ethnicity.   One stat submitted was that Obama receive 99% of the Black vote.

It was found that a lot of the Hispanic vote went to Obama, and the pundits stated that this could be interpreted as their view Obama was lesser of (2) evils insofar of getting WW 3 started..ie Romney appeared like he couldn’t wait to push the buttons….but Obama was perceived as more hesitant.The pundits stated that this Hispanic factor may now be realized and catered to more in the future.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of voters don’t see through the BS ..Obama won’t create any real constructive change…and Romney had no hope in hell of fixing the economy.

Regardless..Obama is in…so what does a 2nd term mean?

It is fair to say a first term is a learning curve…the rest is to “RAM HOME” unfinished business . Now I have discussed this earlier..Obama has a lot of skeletons in his closet (GOOGLE THEM)…which in a twisted way means he is a perfect candidate….skeletons = strings attached by the handlers. Duly note my previous discussion on Ex – President Woodrow Wilson…he was blackmailed with a set of letters his handlers had acquired…and in essence the deal  was he bring the US into WW 1…even though at the time their was no appetite to do so.

The pundits were also saying that they would not be surprised of some sort of scandal breaks in Obama’s 2nd term ..ala Clinton-esque…aka some skeletons come to life /exposed.(Why? =__)…. politics is a dirty game.

Obama, in his first term,  has built sufficient momentum to effectively turn the U.S. into a Marxist state. Now it is time to finish the job. As many pundits have stated, his ObamaCare is not universal Health Care as the general public “ass-u-me-s” . It is a trap..it is meant to ration care…get more Big Brother involved ( IRS ). It is quite clear we will see Death Panels…your life will be in the hands of panels who will determine if y-o-u are worth saving..or ????

Already set in motion are various Martial Law initiatives, even the right to shoot/assassinate people without any trial.

Several quasi -Guantanomo Bays will be set up….on and on…

War against Iran?…..I think it is inevitable…..it is simply a matter of when and what BS excuse/False Flag will precipitate it. How would you like to be an Iranian citizen….trying to live a normal life like most of the worlds’ citizens, yet knowing that at any moment a war could start.

IMHO…..That’s where we are at and, of course ,all this just South of the border .

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