Was Obama born in CANADA ? ” The Obama Hoax Finally Revealed “

Was Obama born in CANADA ? ” The Obama Hoax Finally Revealed “

It was a group of wealthy Chicago Jews back in the ’90s — some with strong Socialist views — with a plan to make Obama, America’s “first black President.”
Employing the help of Jewish Ad Man, David Axelrod, Obama’s Jewish handlers: Betty Lu Saltzman, Abner Mikva, Penny Pritzker, Lester Crown, and Valerie Jarret, finally got their man into the White House.
  • And now, after four years as President, Obama is still hell-bent on keeping his records sealed.

    But just last week, Donald Trump blew the lid off once again with an offer Obama should not have refused.

    [Clip: “President Obama is the least transparent President in the history of this country. There’s never been anything like it. We know very little about our President.

    “I’m very honored to have gotten him to release his long form birth certificate, or whatever it may be.

    “Now, many many people have questions and very serious questions. I have a deal, for the President, a deal that I don’t believe he can refuse and I hope he doesn’t.

    “If Barack Obama opens up and gives his college records and applications and if he gives his passport applications and records I will give to a charity of his choice, inner-city children in Chicago, American Cancer Society, Aids research, anything he wants a check immediately for 5 million dollars.

    The check will be given within one hour after he releases all of the records so stated.” [End of Clip]

    Well, Obama may laugh it all off with Jay Leno

    [Clip: “What’s this thing with Trump and you? It’s like me and Letterman what has he got against you here? I don’t get it.” “This all dates back to when we were growing up in Kenya…” laughter…]

    But the lies will NOT go away no matter how hard Obama tries to cover them up.

    First, there’s his Birth Certificate which Trump calls, “whatever it may be.”

    Well — “whatever his Birth Certificate may be” — it’s already been proven to be a fraud.

    Next, his Passport.

    Now, why won’t Obama make it public? Because his original Passport would reveal his citizenship is from Indonesia, not America, that’s why.

    You see, Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, when 17 and already a radical-leftist, moved with her parents from Seattle to Hawaii in 1960 where she enrolled at the University of Hawaii.

    Now, Obama says that his mother married a fellow student, Barack Hussein Obama, a Kenyan, who Obama claims is his father.

    But, Michelle Obama told NBC in July 2008 that Obama’s mother was “very single when she had him.”

    And, according to the groundbreaking film, “Dreams from My Real Father,” it’s Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist agitator living in Hawaii in the 60’s, who sired baby-boy Obama and his political agenda.

    The film shows racy pictures of Obama’s mother photographed by Davis indicating an intimate and illicit relationship between the two which soon found Ann Dunham pregnant with a bi-racial baby boy who she would name “Barry.”

    Her parents, wishing to sever any connection between Davis and their pregnant daughter, ship her off to Blaine, Washington to her aunt. Soon she gives birth to Obama, most likely in a nearby Canadian maternity ward on August 4th, 1961.

    Not surprisingly, Obama resembles Davis much more than he does the ‘made-to-order’ Kenyan father. Facial similarities between Davis and Obama abound striking and quite remarkable.

    After a stint at the University of Washington, Ann Dunham moves back to Hawaii with little Barry and re-enrolls at the University of Hawaii where she meets and marries an Indonesian student named Lolo Soetoro in 1965.

    In ‘67, Soetoro packs his family off to Indonesia and adopts Obama as his son so that he can attend public school there.

    Thus, Obama’s original Passport would state “Indonesia” as its issuing country and “Barry Soetoro” as the citizen’s name.

    Next, we come to Obama’s College Records.

    Obama arrives at Occidental College in 1980 at which he later admits he was not a good student…smoking lots of pot and doing lots of parties.

    Then he supposedly transfers to Columbia University in 1981 whose high academic standards were apparently lowered to admit Obama.

    A former classmate, Wayne Root, who like many others doesn’t remember seeing Obama, says that the only way Columbia would have admitted Obama would be as a “foreign exchange student:”

    [Clip: “I was a pretty connected guy, knew a lot of people. I knew pretty much everyone I thought in the Political Science Department. I never met him, I never saw him, I never heard of him. No one that I know at Columbia ever met him, ever heard of him, or ever saw him.

    “There’s an easy track that gets you into an Ivy-League school and you don’t have to compete like a guy like me. I was valedictorian in my high school, top one half of one percent SAT scores. You don’t have to do that if you are a foreign exchange student.” [End of Clip]

    Let’s go back to Trump’s original offer.

    Trump is 5 million dollars sure there’s fraud going on.

    And Obama: that sealing his records is worth MORE than any amount of money Trump can give, even though it would help a lot of needy people.

    Either Obama really doesn’t care about helping people after all or there’s something in his records he doesn’t want us to see.

    Either way, by refusing Trump’s offer, Obama — ‘or whatever his name may be’ — proves without a doubt that we don’t want to give him four more years as President of the United States of America.

  • ==========================================================================================


Another great post from Brother Nathaniel

As I have stated about those that rise to the top….its all part of a script. It is  not  the creme rising , its sadly turds floating .

Obama continues to be quite the ” mystery man” …..and why is that ?  It’s almost like he is from another planet.

How come all the previous Presidents have a pedigree that appears to be an open book ?

As I submitted….for his handlers to have worked so hard to SELECT him for the job….the President….what’s the agenda ? ( again   the ” elections ” are a sick joke..the people have no real say ).

Obama is simply an icon …..a ” Manchurian Candidate ” of what the future holds re: those that achieve power. We have a huge generational shift whereby the citizens don’t seem to give a shit … whereas in the past even minor indiscretions would  literally sink a candidate.

What I submit is that Obama,  politically,  is a spent force. He won a (4) year contract to be President, and could only be removed via an impeachment . 

Hey…wait a minute…wasn’t Ex President Bill Clinton under impeachment for a sexual indiscretion ? (even though Clinton appears to have  one of the most corrupt backgrounds as Arkansas Governor there is.)

However……there is probably a huge “expose’ ” dam ready to burst re: Obama…..people in power always have enemies….and this obviously tainted candidate (its mind boggling re: info out there on public forum) is prime to be exposed. For Obama to have a second term  is far to risky and volatile.

So…..this gives you an idea what REALLY goes on behind the scenes. I am not saying Mitt Romney is any better….simply its the ” New Face” ..all ” i-m-a-g-e” …..until his handlers need another new face .

This can of course be extrapolated into the VERY LOW probability that we will ever see a President that wins (2) terms. You can be 100% certain the next “candidates” have been picked and are being groomed as we speak.

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