Later Today : ****** Excellent Interview *******

Later Today : ****** Excellent Interview *******
Later today  ( ie after 5 PM )….I am going to post a link to an excellent interview.
( Actually I have  a large backlog  of  interviews I have seen/viewed and highly recommend..more later )
However, this one is an “EXCELLENT 101 Course” to explain world events, past, present and future…and yes, of course,  they are ultimately and inevitably related to Zionism . 
The party being interviewed is ,ironically of Arab(Father ) and Jewish(Mother) descent…but he himself is anti-  Zionist  . He is of Middle East background and has his own blog which I will link to…and is extremely knowledgeable , from A -to- Z on History, Geo- Politics…
After listening to this interview…this should fill in any blanks of uncertainty, and encourage you to do more research on the path to enlightenment and epiphany.
Remember: Knowledge IS Power….Forewarned and Forearmed.
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