$5 Million for Surrey City Hall furniture etc. etc.

$5 Million for Surrey City Hall furniture

The Surrey Leader is reporting that City council plans on spending $5 million on furnishings for the new building. Although there is no need to move the existing City Hall to Surrey Central, I do think it’s a good idea. It makes City Hall more accessible and it helps continue the upgrade of what was once infamously known as Whaley Exchange.

My concern is the ongoing huge expenditures and out of control spending that is resulting in a continued raise in taxes both property tax as well as hidden taxes on everything else. Gas in Surrey is already insanely more expensive than it is in Aldergrove or Abbotsford. That difference isn’t because of provincial or federal taxes it is because of municipal taxes and the ever increasing sky train tax.

Surrey is borrowing $97 million from the Municipal Finance Authority to pay for the building, but will pay $37 million of that back through the lease of its existing building at 142 Street and Highway 10. Yet once source claims the real cost with interest is $200 million and no one has leased the old building yet so the $37 million isn’t there.

Diane Watts’ desire to toll and tax everything is absolutely insane and clearly shows what happens when you let one political parry get completely out of control with their spending. I do think the new library at Surrey Central looks nice. I am concerned about the huge costs involved and the frenzy of out of control spending that is seriously affecting our taxes. Fiscal responsibility isn’t pork barrel tax and spend politics. Yet that is all we are now seeing and that needs to change.

I GOOGLED this agency ” Municipal Finance Authority” noted above

Municipal Finance Authority of BC


I had heard of it….but now I read about it.

It is apparently “the bank”  for  Local Gov’ts….though it still doesn’t jibe with what I was informed…ie capital expenditure beyond the normal annual  budgets require referendum.

Regardless, it appears a moot point…the project will go ahead…but much like Richmond’s NEW City Hall…the funding sources appear hidden in murky waters. To this day NO ONE can get a straight answer as what Richmond’s New City hall actually cost.

I still recall that Richmond City Hall was not even open a for a year and the CAO had his brand new office renovated for over $100,000.      Huh   ?

These Projects are notorious for being UNDERestimated and ultimately OVER budget. Is now a good time to build it…?? .perhaps as the economy continues to collapse it best be put on hold…most certainly for more competitive bids, as I am assuming the bidding process has labour and materials at historical highs.

Further to this…I get very wary of “Star Politicians”…here to much equating Mayor Watt with Surrey..is this on purpose ? She seems to have no problem inviting   corrupt Ex U.S.  Presidents as speakers to Surrey. My gut feel on this is that Surrey taxpayers will get hit hard with this project.

Silly red herring like they will be able to lease out City Hall for $37 Million ?   BUT have no tenant yet ? Thats a huge ass-u-me-d revenue portion for the New City Hall. If not mistaken , across the street is a newer growing Industrial- Commercial Park…ie competition for tenants   If rumours are already flying the New City Hall will ultimately cost $200 Million , this looks like  one big White Elephant in the making.

Unless the citizens wake up …..ASAP….we will go down the toilet with these “Tax and PI$$ away” politicians .

They don’t give a shit…..its not their money…they simply seek legacies to embellish their ego….while you and your children etc. are left holding the bag and paying the ever – increasing taxes .

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