” The Trap ” (Part 1)

“The Trap” (Part 1)

My latest Musing…
The odd time we have unwanted guests (mice), we take action to remove them.
Other than a cat……there are basically (3) ways to do the job.
One is ” live trap “, which implies catching and releasing…but then they will most likely find their way back in.
Another method is the traditional mousetrap……whereby the spring – loaded mechanism is triggered and snaps the mouses neck…quite noisy, bloody and messy.
The other method is the “sticky board.”…whereby the bait is placed on a sticky surface. Once the mouse tries to grab the bait….its fur is now firmy imbedded in the sticky surface….cannot escape…”game over”. FYI apparently any rodent can squeeze its entire body through any opening the size of its head, thus they are very flexible…these mice are about the size of ones thumb , very tiny.
We don’t use poison…..for various reasons
I am using this as an analogy to perhaps explain the insane times we live in….ie the perpetual motion that still seems engaged in the construction of residential Hi Rises.
When your mind starts to muse and meander…I get the increasing impression of ” The Trap” .
As I often refer to the problems in the US, I simply see it as a window to our future….forewarned is forearmed.
What really took me down this path was a recent news report stating that the Kingsway area of Vancouver will be subject to major re- development…aka more Residential Hi – Rises.  They joked about this area being  the butt of jokes…aka tacky etc. etc.
However….I beg to differ.
What I am seeing more and more clearly now is , with little if any evidence to the contrary, an insidious  Trojan Horse attempt to wipe out the economy and enslave more and more of us.  I have a person I do business with for the last 12 years and his business is located on Kingsway, so I see a lot of 1 – 2 storey buildings with small Ma and Pa shops near his business. These small businesses  are traditionally the backbone of the economy…..These are people  from diverse backgrounds, who pour out a  lot of blood and sweat , provide jobs ,….the economic ripple effect to other businesses…and are major contributors to the tax base.  
 Gov’t historically admits all the aforementioned, but why is it effectively killing these off with these re-zonings….don’t they realize what is going on ?..or do they !?!
( To Be Continued ).
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