RICHMOND: City needs new accounting officer ( Part 4 )

RICHMOND: City needs new accounting officer ( Part 4 )


The Olympic Oval’s cost have risen from approx $60 Million to $200 Million.

NOTE: That’s a given for almost ANY Olympic infrastructure…they are purposely lowballed in estimates to gain acceptance and/or a gravy train for contractors who hold Gov’ts egos hostage for fear of global embarrasment

( EXAMPLE:  the City of Montreal only recently paid –  off its Olympic debt incurred in 1976 )

There is a lot of creative accounting and paper trails to pursue..but at the end of the day the City of Richmond has a $200 Million Building whose main purpose was to host a 3 – week event and satisfy egos at City Hall.

However, it is becoming beyond obvious that we ,  the Richmond Ciitzens, have a White Elephant compounded by a City Hall in denial. I sincerely hope more and more citizens WAKE THE HELL UP   and demand ” heads -on- platters” , figuratively speaking.

Recall what I said previously about Local Gov’ts are not permitted to run deficits. At the surface,  that implies very conservative  and prudent use of the current and given tax base. In reality, it is a blank cheque to ABUSE their entrusted powers and tax the shit out of their own ” Oh we “experts” at City Hall F*cked up by “$10 Million”…so we will manipulate = raise taxes by  that amount to cover our overpaid/incompetent asses “.

My property taxes went up $800 last year, and I hear similar complaints from other Richmond Citizens. I do not see $800 in increased quality of life as a Richmond Citizen…I seem to envision  the word “sucker” stamped on my forehead.  It is becoming beyond obvious that Richmond City Hall is not only pissing our tax dollars down a rat hole…I think they have obligated us, the Richmond ciitzens ,  to so much debt that the SHTF ..and soon.

IMHO….The Olympic Oval and our CAO’s latest pet project of a “museum” at the Oval is a sign that it is getting very ugly fiscally for Richmond Citizens…it is a classic case of throwing good money after bad…to distract and camouflage the ugly truth.

Reading between the lines, the Olympic Oval is a Major Failure…and our CAO is desperate to create a mini White Elephant(museum) inside the major White Elephant(Oval) in a pathetic attempt to hide the truth. As Mr. Murphy points out….there is a serious conflict of interest, as our CAO is supposed to be the “buck – stops -here” top bureaucrat..all Civil Servants are accountable to him, hence he is accountable to US….yet he is also on the Board of Directors of the Oval “Corporation”…another scam  City Hall created.


How can he do BOTH jobs…it is one OR the other..or more succinctly…as CAO…… he had a major role in bring the Oval to Richmond …yet now he expects us to cover his ass with $6 Million m-o-r-e for another Oval bauble ….a  museum ?

How many more chances are we going to allow them..or when are they going to wake up to reality ?


PROBLEM: How much MORE are the Richmond citizens going to put up with this BULLSHIT.

SOLUTION: F*ck em.…Time to clean out the Rotten Stinking OUTHOUSE they call ” Richmond City Hall”

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