ICBC cuts management staff

ICBC cuts management staff
By Tiffany Crawford, The Vancouver Sun November 2, 2012 12:12 PM
ICBC cuts management staff

ICBC has announced the restructuring of its staff, with the elimination of 250 jobs, the majority of which are management positions.

Photograph by: Ward Perrin , Vancouver Sun Files

ICBC has announced the restructuring of its staff, with the elimination of 250 jobs, the majority of which are management positions.

The move follows a scathing audit by the government in August that found manager salaries ballooned in a time of economic uncertainty, with some enjoying compensation hikes of 50 per cent.

ICBC’s interim president and CEO Mark Blucher said the cuts have resulted in a reduced executive team. Five members of the executive have left, he said, and two executive positions have been eliminated.

Four non-executive vice-president roles have also been cut.

The company said the reductions go beyond the recommendations from the government review of ICBC earlier this year and bring staffing below 2008 levels.

The audit of ICBC, found senior management numbers ballooned almost 41 per cent from 2007 to 2011, while union staff positions dropped one per cent.

In response, ICBC CEO Jon Schubert announced his resignation. Schubert earned $486,541 in pay and bonuses last year.

ICBC is the sole provider of mandatory basic auto insurance in B.C., with more than 5,000 staff. It processes 900,000 insurance claims a year.

ICBC’s executive is now comprised of the following individuals:

Mark Blucher, interim president and CEO

Steve Crombie, vice President, communications and marketing

Sheila Eddin, vice president, transformation

Kellee Irwin, vice president, insurance and driver licensing (acting)

Brian Jarvis, vice president, claims (acting)

Kathy Parslow, vice president, corporate services

Andy Platten, chief information officer

Len Posyniak, vice president, human resources

Geri Prior, chief financial officer

I am not aware of any hard core rule that states that the average citizen is obligated to pay for salaries / wages benefits pensions to a sector of society (aka public service) far in excess of what the private sector pays.
It appears that almost every public sector company has also been found guilty of similar excesses.
The inescapable conclusion is that those in Gov’t and its affiliates have no respect for the taxpayers dollars combined with a sense of entitlement to what they perceive is the Golden Goose. This attitude appears epidemic in this sector.
While one may have some sympathy for those who lost their jobs….perhaps they should realize that if they come under the umbrella of the same ” whorehouse ” they work at, in this case ICBC,…someone will be sacrificed  as the excesses always come back to haunt them.  Not if ,but when…..a certain point is reached when the inmates running the asylum lack any sense of control …it all comes tumbling down. If the ” ship called ICBC ” was actually run properly/efficiently , and not abused as a trough  for “clique excesses “….this may have been avoided.
As I have stated previously , ICBC exists NOT on merit, but it relies on  the vacuum created by a distrustful private sector that realizes Gov’t cannot be trusted.
Did we not recently have several claims adjustors fired from the Richmond ICBC claims office for misconduct ?
Is this simply the tip of the iceberg….much more will be revealed in the near future. It has been my experience that once the SHTF aka truth can no longer be withheld…there are token purges…to keep the public happy. They are probably hoping that those “heads -on -platters” firings will satisfy the public….or fool them that the problem is fixed.
Time will tell….but I won’t hold my breath. We, the public are simply seeing the rot oozing out from behind the facade.
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