RICHMOND: City needs new accounting officer ( Part 3 )

RICHMOND: City needs new accounting officer ( Part 3 )

The summary to this point is that the City of Richmond is , with little, if any  evidence to the contrary, is far WORSE than Abbotsford  insofar as its abuse/misuse of the power and funds entrusted to it by its own citizens.

Mr Murphy, in his letter re: the Olympic Oval,…..strikes to the heart of the matter…ie WHO is actually running City Hall….. and time is loooooong overdue for them to be held accountable.

Having researched this issue….I harken back to the year 2004…when the City of Richmond “announced” that Richmond would build and host the Olympic Oval. I thought back to the New  City Hall fiasco and thought ” WTF” ?  By then, I had a more finely – tuned sense of BULLSHIT detection…..and how to get the answers more quickly.

I have a nephew that bought a condo up at SFU…in Burnaby…. and he was talking how the Oval would be built on the SFU campus. Richmond, at the time,  had contributed $500,000 of O-U-R tax dollars as an Olympic sponsor (??????) and had successfully brown – nosed its way to host the Olympic Media Center.


The Plan was to build this at the Garden City Lands. However, this ended up a major soap – opera due to the sand- in- the- gears by the Musqueam Land Claims. Time was ticking, and various officials were getting nervous…it was  ” SHIT – OR – GET- OFF -THE- POT” time.  VANOC wanted it ducks all lined – up, and Richmond’s gridlocked legal situation.

However, (2) dynamics were in play…..City of Burnaby, to their credit, quickly realized the Oval was going to cost far more than was originally budgetted ( ie approx $70 Million )…and Burnaby did NOT formally commit to the Oval…..while at the same time…the uncertainty of Olympic Broadcast Center forced VANOC to relocate it to Vancouver

……….Then again………. who knows if this was all a masterly – scripted soap opera…..????

I read in VANOC President John Furlongs’ book how Richmond actually won  the Oval.

John Furlong was a Richmond Resident at the time…and in his book he states he called not the Mayor…but the current CAO about the possibility of hosting the Oval.  Why the hired CAO and not the elected Mayor, or is it getting obvious who runs the City?

The City records will show that at the last meeting for Council …before the annual summer break in 2004, that the City approved the idea to host the Oval.

Editorially speaking….it was abundantly clear that these City Hall clowns and charlatans were seriously embarassed at losing one Olympic venue…and would jump at any chance to grab another…..and Furlong likely knew this. Many of us are aware of the prime City Owned -land along River Road….that sat underutilized for years.

So….in what appears to be an amalgam of connected events within a short chronological window, resulted in quick expeditious decisions that will affect Richmond for decades into the future…which only, ultimately, benefitted a bunch of ass – covering egomaniacs at City Hall


( To Be Continued)

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